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Dreamcatcher ese Arizona's Morning News. The valleys Only all news morning show it is 7 55 87 degrees in Queen Creek. Good morning. I'm Jamie West Valley couple hopes $475,000 settlement in their favor will produce changes at Phoenix P D. The couple's representative says excessive police force cost the community then that the irony everybody red, yellow, black, brown and white. All taxpayers are paying for the wrongful actions of the police, Jared Maupin says. Dre von aims and Aisha Harper suffered trauma while being investigated for shoplifting viral video captured the encounter. Councilman Carlos Garcia publicly apologize to them. I also hope that we continue to work out the council to push policy to make sure that other families don't have to go through this. A couple sued for $10 Million and got 10.5% of that. Peter same or no use, getting $24,000 in a settlement with America, the county attorney's office over a public records lawsuit. The requested information will also be turned over the used to read. Canaan says his organization was investigating how the county attorney's office does business. And they found some interesting training material about people with mental health condition that referred to people as crazy and clearly view, dammit obstacles to getting a conviction and not sort of seeing those people as humans. County attorney Alistair Adelle tells Katie are her office is committed to greater transparency in the future, coming up in eight, the very latest from the Gulf Coast, where Laura slammed into Texas and Louisiana. And we'll tell you why Governor do sea will be at the White House tonight. We're seeing some light Westside slowing. And here is the tour Dan with a quick update from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center and write to him we go 101 eastbound light, slowing 19th Avenue to past seven Street going to add an extra couple minutes. Do you ride south Found 17 3 extra minutes 16 minutes from Peoria. Of the 10 split and I 10 he's found you got brake lights to kind of like to moderate style 51st Avenue to seven street. Right now you're looking at 17 minutes fromthe 101 into the 51 still working. Unfortunately, the one and only crash after the Far West Side winners Burgh Road north and south on a Buckeye road closed due to erect their which travel report brought to you by QuikTrip spend less and snack a war right now. A quick trip with so many tasty deals on low prices. You're sure to experience a full on snack awa tackle T more than Gas station detoured and Katie are news today. 1 13 Low tonight 88 1 11 The high for Tomorrow Your weather is brought to you by Howard Air and Mike Broom head is coming up and you've got the head of black lives matter. Phoenix.

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