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Didn't go too many pre season because I was involved with the national team so well, many tournaments and I almost missed all the preseason training at some places. But I remember the first time that I signed for Chelsea, we went in the you're seeing the Cornwall. Yeah, when you have the whales and everything and at the time for 15 days to know my teammates better and it was great because it was a golf course and we believe it was very nice. It was a nice weather in England for once. So it was a very, very nice and I enjoyed it, but I remember a tough time when I was paying for stress well because of the coach we had we went to what we call the black forest, which is between Germany and the east of France. And he had to wake us up at 6 30 in the morning for a jogging for like half an hour, 45 minutes, then we breakfast at 10 o'clock we had a physical training session and then another one at 4 p.m. oh my God, the guy killed us. I think the first week we barely touched the ball and we ran 60 miles and I came back home in Strasbourg and I called my wife at the time to come back to cook for me because I was thinking only about drinking because it was too hot and I was too tired and every year she had to stay to cook for me because we were all dead. The guy was a tough guy and but we were very good physically I have to say after that. So he's not a criticism. He's just a fact. What about you, Don? We've had them all done. I've been in army barracks. Army barracks where you've got to do press or bleep tests. Set up bleep test. You've got to put all the gear, 6, 6 people, three either side of a log, that way to turn and jog with that for a couple of miles, holding onto it to try and find out who the weakest link is. That sort of thing. But the best one we are was Howard Kendall took this, and I think it was a Sheffield United. I think at the time, Everton, I think chef you and he took us to Malaysia, which was absolutely stunning. It was beautiful. What we got to Malaysia and the only guy that came this was the physio doctor sort of was commenting about 7 days time. And the physio actually said to Howard Kendall. It's actually too hot for the boys to train. And Howard was like, what he went, it's too hot. He went, you'll put the players in danger if they train, I recommend they do nothing for 14 days, and we were like, oh my goodness. So we just had the absolute time of their life. Absolute jolly for two weeks of Malaysia. I just quickly and it just kills me. I bet that they are, but it's a thing, but it's the same time the same year at Chelsea, just reminds me of the anarchy at the time. And the characters and the fun. Yeah, it wasn't the multi-billion dollar game as now. But we went to torika brada and Spain one year. Same era, as I said, with the Townsend and Venice Jones and all those boys. It was in porterfield. It was a manager. And Don Ho was the court of Donald's courts, but Ian had no had lost all the control in the dressing room. It was anarchy. And one of the days he said, I think I've told you this, I think, outside the hotel, he said, right, we've decided we're doing a run and all the players must run all the way up this road has been all the way up to this building and shops and there'll be somebody there I've already top there and you come back and so tones end I believe and Vinny Jones ran halfway up head behind a bush, right? And then waited for one or two of the quicker ones to come back. Let them get ahead. What when they would be finished at the bottom, jumped in a taxi, got a taxi bike, stopped 200 meters from the hotel around the corner, got out the taxi, through some water in themselves, and then run back to the hotel. And the manager was great effort. Well done. Professional. Look at them. How come you're so slow and they've been an attack?

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