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Mark blazer. Let's get you. Jeff Logan, part of our best Buckeye coverage. Of course, Buckeye great. We'll talk to here in just a couple of minutes. We we'll talk a couple of different things that happened with the buckeyes not just over the weekend. They move up in the polls that in a second. Also, we're gonna talk to Doug Buchanan for business. First that'll be around three forty two the economic impact or the Columbus Crew staying in central Ohio. What what will this mean, what kinds of different if it's if it's a new soccer stadium? Think about this. And this is coming right on the heels of in Cincinnati, they're up against possibly having a new soccer stadium built. And I think it's going to happen. But they're talking about three to four hundred million bucks was the price tag there. So who's paying for that? Where's it going to go all of those things Brinson bless key? From the Bleacher report, we'll have him next hour at about four ten and we'll talk about everything that happened over the weekend and the NFL some crazy games yesterday. I I actually. Was that the the Steelers at Paul Brown stadium the Bengals downstairs when I I get their Antonio Brown is like sitting off to the side when I'm walking. So I'm in the basement because I have media credential. So I'm coming in and I'm walking through the basement. And this is the thing about being a media person. In those situations. You are not allowed like say I walk in. And Andy Dalton standing there like baby by himself, and he just text or something I'm not even supposed to hey, can I get a selfie because you're part of the media. So you're not supposed to be one of those people. In other words, they feel a little bit insulated a little bit protected when they're out in the kind of there in the public sure because they're not in the locker room, but they're in the basement of Paul Brown stadium. And that is where restricted personnel could be. So you've been briefed on this. So I walk by Antonio Brown is sitting on the ground and his trainer is they're working with their stretching it they were doing something. I'm like I'm walking by going. Oh my God. I want to snap a picture so bad. Of Antonio Brown. Who arguably if he stays healthy is going to end up being one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the game. And then I keep walking in. There is the best damn band in the land. Yes. The buckeye. Yes. Yes. The OSU marching band was right there. So actually, I did get video of that. I throw it up on my Facebook page, but pretty cool because a guy ends up, you know, posting on my face. But hey, that's my son. He's percussion for them have loveable. So I had a I had a fantastic weekend. We'll talk about that crazy game as well. As you know, Josh actually was down in the dumps. I I saw some of his post, you know, the Browns, and and you know, the shenanigans continues with our referees. And the way these calls. I know you don't you probably don't even want to get started with this. Or maybe you do know we've got like a minute or two telling you right now that Roger Goodell is not the Commissioner of the NFL. Vince McMahon is see I thought that was very funny your post, and yes, it's tongue in cheek. And at the same time. You're like yet. Funny. But it's also true. I'm sarah. I mean..

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