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I think you know. And i can hear the difference between before and after right. There's a whole different jesse from before an at that event right from from kind of when you were when you when you had that message delivered to write in you started walking it out talk it out and walking it out. I mean and You know just kind of bows off because this and similar thing happened with fatherhood for the rest of us right like i had to talk it out like the one i started talking. It started to. I started talking so much it had. I had no choice right. So that's really cool to hear kind of hearing your journey Well let's talk about now. How you're applying that to your business right because that's another piece that the challenge right one nine. Now you've got that you've been touched by it. You're like if i lead with this. There's a lot of people that might not Respect me. I might not be able to do the business. I'd like to do not thanks. Let's talk about like Getting through that and then doing it swap out preface it. By saying it's there's no separation between my into my business. There is dead. One one informs the other and without that i couldn't do what i'm it actually is. My business know. I helped people go their faith as they grow their business. And so in the beginning. When i met you when it was new to me i felt as if i had to and i can say this with all clarity. I had to present myself in a certain way whether you want to say polish or scripted. Like i felt as if i had to present my way like that. Without way in order to be respected for the work that i've that i'm doing and so the messaging hasn't changed a bit the same thing. You heard me saying that room. I still talk about that. That's still my message..

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