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Do listen to AM seven ninety KABC. Okay. Now, we're talking about voting rights for people in prison parole or on the prison parole or probation prison Pearl. Pro the three Ps things, I need my boyfriend, Leo terell, Fairmont of riot Turney. Leo. Hey, buddy. How you doing? How are you? Leeann. Hi, Dr drew, my love it, my friend. She loves it. Drew, so see lien you can just stand over there. Good. Corner you two lovebirds. So Bernie Sanders to expand voting rights to people in prison parole and probation. What do you think? Well, you know, he allows prisoners in Vermont state he's in his one or two states that allow prisoners to allow their incarcerated I think it's pretty expensive. I do believe wanting if you serve your time if you serve your time. Why should you be denied the right to vote and people who have been convicted felons after they served their time? They are still in some states denied the right to vote that is all all right. So so once you are off probation or once you get out of prison. Yeah. I mean think about it Dr drew, and you know, when we think of felonies, we think of serious murders rate things, but there are some non-violent blue collar, white collar felony. And my point is if a person gets a selling of a convicted felon, I we this scarlet letter you can't vote. You can't get through job is hard to get insurance. You can't get a Bank loan your ruin forever. So my point here is Saudi is a constitutional, right. See the fourteenth amendment. And my point is after a person served his time. Why should he be continuously denied the right of voting? But I, but I was trying to Elliott though, is in California were putting people in one door out the other. We're calling almost nothing crime made it you have to actually be in prison to lose your voting rights or do you want to say prison and probation? What I wanna say this because a probation is an extension or a continuation of prison time. You're just not serving the prison time as as a person behind bars, you still have to report to either probation officer informally or formally. My point is Dr drew is that you've you serve your time complete your probation. You have the right to vote. Yeah. Yeah. Let's let's remember what thing voting is a white. You know, getting a job having a driver's license that may be a privilege, but voting is a constitutional rights. So you have to tell me why you're gonna permanently deny and then the visual eight constitutional right of voting will certainly wilder. I agree with you. While in prison, though, you know, were invited to our based on freedom and happiness. So so in prison, we've given up all kinds of rights, correct? Right. Limit. Should we understand the different Mitchelson? The right. We give up but remember how many of those rights our constitutional. So you give up the right to go to McDonald's. Get a hamburger go get a Bank loan while you're in prison, but we're talking about constitutional, right? You have to draw the distinction behind what is constitutional and what a privilege or things that you're entitled to do big different. And I'm not hearing that separation fair minded, civil rights Turni's. Sure. I look I think people have to understand drive you the privilege voting is a right. And we can talk about what happens when you get a felon felony conviction. You're permanently scarred for the rest of your life. You should not lose your constitutional rights. But but I think you are suggesting that while in prison and maybe also probation. You should I yes, yes. Bernie sanders. But Bernie Sanders says no Bernie Sanders says bad in his state of Vermont people are allow prisoners or allowed to vote while they're incarcerated right? And he wants to the country expand that he wants. Yes. Yes. Wanted for the country. Right, right. What's wrong with that? And by the way, accord, being a minority, I'm fully aware that disproportionately this affects more minorities than non minorities. Confusing me. Now, I'm getting confused confused by missing something. I thought you said I thought you said, you you you wanted rights to be suspended for a brief period of time while in prison maybe parole, but they should be reinstated. After you've served your time, but Bernie wants them to retain the rights of the voting rights, even while they're serving their time. Is that correct here? He wrong, you're right about thirty position. You're correct about Brees position. My position is simply bad people. A should not permanently lose their constitutional right to vote. I'm also saying that even while you're incarcerated if I have a misdemeanor conviction, I'm serving for for having a too much weed or something or are serious traffic violence. I'm lose my conscience vote. So what if you're in for a felony? This is where you have to. They were each state has to make a determination. You cannot tell me that every person behind bar right now in LA county jail should lose their right to vote for miserable or convictions. But you'd be we've said three different things jail prison and misdemeanors versus felonies, right? So prison prison prison jail. Right. Okay. We're talking about we're talking about prison. So we're talking about people who who are incarcerated in prison usually are Cervi a felony right in jail. 'cause let's forget about the jail. Let's just talk about prison. Here's Trump addition. Okay in prison, and you have a selling conviction. I would say depending on the nature of the conviction. You should not do your constitutional right to vote. But if. At that time. And if it isn't a grievous crime, if it's not, okay. So sorry ample. So if someone commits a felony that is non violent just a Felli based on to the law. I don't care. I should be. All right. Let's let's hold on guys. We're gonna we're gonna Parsis out more. Okay. Leo terell fair might is very very fair minded. So we we believe this position. Very fair minded, the end, we'll get into you. And I eight hundred two to two to hear your position. It's midday live names have ninety KABC. KABC dependable traffic.

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