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Rakel Westchester county moving along on the New York State Thruway old ways into the top of the bridge and I'm an extravagant day less than ten minutes on WCBS now let's check out this nice summer forecast evening that really hi good evening we've on yeah it's a dulcimer it's cold be ready for that is held the door we're dropping down to close to the record of twenty two set back in eighteen seventy three and with the wind is going to feel like the teens and even single digits at times so again it is going to be quite cold and and Toro remaining cold despite plenty of sunshine will have a bit of a breeze as well with a high of thirty four partly cloudy and cold tomorrow night low down to twenty eight in the city near twenty in outlying areas sun giving way to clouds on Thursday not as harsh with a high of forty four the milder weather on Friday mostly sunny with a high of to fifty two colder weather does return on Saturday will keep plenty of sunshine there will be a little breezy with a high of thirty seven then some ball by clouds on Sunday with a high bumping up to forty two right now it's clear to partly cloudy temperatures range from twenty four in Ardsley to twenty nine in Astoria amid Dallas twenty seven going down to twenty two all right thanks Matt you're welcome is ten fifty this might be a bit of good news for metro north riders to drive to stations to catch trains with this plan metro north riders could see station parking permit rates increase as high as almost fourteen percent it was reportedly aim to boost railroad revenue by almost one hundred thousand dollars annually we greatly appreciate the if the item is off the agenda and table to until December assemblywoman Amy Paulin says she's heard little to nothing about the plan just days before the Tuesday MT a board meeting.

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