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With this business I'll never forget James Jones Marcel Rec- would cut Justin Tuck They would always tell me you gotta bring all the time because this league they will Google not gonNa make excuses about the injuries on the line but those are very difficult to overcome the kinds that we had tonight but defensive we we gotta find a way start getting better everyone welcome to the Vegas Nation podcast brought to you by your local southern Nevada Toyota dealers I'm your host Heidi Fang join today Hey with our raiders beat writer Michael Belkin who still over in Oakland I on the other hand left Santa Clara got back here to Vegas and we are going going to talk everything raiders against the forty niners what a brutal loss for the team taking on the forty niners third string quarterback ed unable to make stops when it counted tons of big plays led to the final score thirty four to three for the raiders and what a hard loss to suffer the battle of the bay falling to one in seven now last in the AFC west Lots of what we heard from Gruden and car was about trying to keep things together trying to keep the morale of the team positive and Gruden discussing the injuries yet again the troubles that they've had on the offensive line just something that the right now it's a hunter and a hurdle that they're unable to get past we saw Colin Miller fault injury he did return to the game briefly but then again was pulled out Michael What is the status of this offense of line and just the sham calls that has been left in as of late within been unbelievable problem all season and when you look at the raiders and their struggles at times the offense hasn't been among them because it had protection because Derek Carr is getting the ball his hands quickly we've seen some positive moments as recently as Sunday against any apple's colts raiders did not lose that game because of a lack of efficiency on offense but on Thursday night in Santa Clara. very I drive tackle Colton Miller who suffered a right knee injury I on September thirtieth week four against the Cleveland browns suffers the right knee injury again unclear if it's related exactly in terms of diagnosis to the great to MC MC L. Sprain he suffered initially the more than a month ago but it was enough as you mentioned to force him out of action the entire second half he was on the bench ruled out he did reenter with a hefty brace but he wasn't able to really plant in that leg and it caused problems for Derek Carr in protection that might be enough to have your left tackle be rendered available or limited for essentially three quarters plus of a game but that wasn't all that happened for the raiders right tackle Brandon Parker other rookie this one two third round draft pick he had a false start he had holding any allowed to sack all in the offense is I two series the Game Tom Cable had enough he told Brennan Parker to relax. You're just trying to make too much happened you're too energetic to hyped up so he went ahead and put in Silberman into a game silberman someone who was with the raiders in training camp and not make their initial fifty three man roster has been inactive healthy scratch while the bulk of his time since he was resigned last month he steps into action at right tackle by the end of this game you've also play left tackle assembly the teams probe left guard who appeared in the game for the first time since September thirtieth he aggravated apparently a right knee injury that happened after already moved from left guard to left tackle and so all of this was to say that it was a mess Derek Carr was sacked four times as a career high over the course of the game raiders allow eight sacks agent Karen was down once in the fourth quarter the forty niners sacked the raiders more times than raiders have sacked opposing quarterbacks all season the raiders have seven quarterback sacks in two thousand eighteen again the niners on Thursday night at eight of them and that being a huge problem the protection again you bring that up car was I guess the best word is benched in the fourth quarter or sat in favor of Jay McCarron just because at that point they said okay there's thirty I think there is thirty four points up at the time and then you have a missed field goal her late in the second half and at that point they go for it on their next drive I believe and they have a turnover on downs it was just pointless I think for them to have even put car into any more danger. He's somebody that you want as your franchise quarterback to preserve for the coming seasons you definitely don't want to put him into harm's way when it's unnecessary but at the same time I think Raider fans want to see and fight out of the team at something their car keeps alluding to saying that you never quit we always put our best foot forward you always fight to the end but yet in the in the fourth quarter were saying let's take care of our quarterback let's put him on the sideline let's bring in Aj mccaren have them hand off the ball run the clock down and you know maybe we get a first down out of this maybe we don't but at the same time you have on the other side Nick mullins just having a field day because as you mentioned the the defense for the raiders hasn't been able to make stops they got he has a two hundred sixty two passing yards three touchdown day pretty clean day for somebody making in fact I think one of the best starts that we've seen in a replacement quarterback for the forty niners you had though some guys breaking off huge plays like George kittle going seventy nine yard reception on a play We had James with a fifty three yard catch and run before halftime big huge plays that the raiders can't afford to give up but yet as Jon Gruden said in the Post we can't find a way to stop the bleeding and Reggie Nelson spoke about that in the locker.

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