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Defines electromagnetic fields as pollutants and. These pollutants cannot be insured. So the city's can I say show us you have insurance and they won't be able to show it because in New York New Jersey. We have one big Equality Alpine Tower has all sorts of ten on it. And everybody knows that if you live would stone's throw that place If you have a house there you can get cancer so so are you saying that. Yeah now wait wait wait you know. I don't think of first of all the good news about cancer is. It's not a death sentence that we do have better therapies now. But what we can tell you. Is this studies that have been done where they take blood from people who live closer to towers as a pair as compared to those who further way have looked at biochemical markers in their blood again? This is peer reviewed and his five found chemical compounds that we know predict cancer risk as well as damage to the nervous system are more high levels of those chemical markers in people who live closer to cell towers now towers can be made operate in a different way and the allowable amount of emissions from our towers in the United States is much much higher than in Switzerland and other countries where they have more sophisticated rules and monitoring we have no monitoring at all of what's coming out of our towers not being monitored so we depend on them of course for cellphones but the whole issue of five G. is being rethought and that's why Swiss re wrote a report last year before covert which they said five. G. is off the leash meaning out of control and they will not cover any damages for it so with the telecom lawyers come in and they threatened to sue the city. If the city doesn't agree to permit the towers but the city can come back and say give us your insurance. And they and the city cannot be held liable if they deny a permit because of the failure of the company that show that they can ensure against jam now. What else got the public? Everything pandemic threats of course Actually done I'm doing research with people in China right now that I think people need to know about and that is that they have shown the effectiveness of taking vitamin C. prophylactically to prevent covert and to make it less serious. And let me tell you. One interesting anecdote. A family of four people was taking care of a fifth member who was ill. She turned out to have covert she ended up in the ICU. On ventilator as you may know in the early days of ventilation most people on ventilators died certainly in China. That was the case. Eighty New York eighty percent of the people on his side. Okay well we now understand why that happened. First of all they were using too much pressure. For the oxygen the lungs people with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Which goes along with this? Which is what actually kills. People are not able to take such high pressure and so that is one of the reasons why so many people died but this family did the following because one member was very interested in nutritional things taking between one to six grams of vitamin C. A day with a with five thousand units of the and fifty milligrams of zinc right so it's vitamin C Zinc and e and had every member of her family. Who were helping to take care of the sick person who had covert. They know she has. She had covert alright cheese in the hospital. Either all adults. They don't live together but they all have been exposed through. They're taking care of their grandmother Davis at a time. But I tell you what happened. None of them got Cova. Did Not a single one of them got code and the grandmother who in high vitamin C High Vitamin B. And and so Stan Sunshine on the beach and a lot of the e lots of fruits and vegetables and keep your distance. Keep your distance. You got it John. Dr Deborah Davis. Thank you so much. And that's up again real soon. I look forward to it. Thank you so much. This is the Test Roundtable. Be Right back..

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