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It does not develop them anymore. It does appear that Disney maybe not hiring developers for this. But hiring some people to manage third party developers for creating games under the Lucasfilm banner. It's important to note here that EA still has the exclusive rights to Star Wars games until twenty twenty three and on. Honestly, Lucasfilm doesn't have a whole lot of other IP that isn't Star Wars, though, EA has only released two games since it got the rights in two thousand thirteen. So this may be a little long-term positioning of Disney to say, you know, we don't wanna get stuck with this. Again. Let's let's build some in house management of this and not maybe not give somebody and exclusive. But even if we do have a little more pressure from our side to make people do good games and do them regularly. Yeah. There's a load of. In brief. There's a lot of games Lucas arts is responsible for from the nineties and beyond that they could get reattached to do things with whether that's themselves or licensing out right now sounds like a licensing thing, or at least a a way to manage those IP. So that they're not being squandered and with EA really blowing it lately with their with their license to make Star Wars games. They've had at least to cancel cancelled large big profile aims have been canceled. There's a couple of we still don't know about. But they also didn't do so great with battlefront two it kind of fizzled in a lot of controversy around it when it came to free to play stuff. So at the end of all of this. This does just feel like Disney saying, well, let's just you know, let's just Pat Pat it up a little bit here. Let's Sam bag it up for the for the other stuff for a few ideas. We have who knows Indiana Jones to come back in a big way in video games. That's a Lucas games thing like there's possibilities here. And they feel like they feel like they're hedging their bets. And it's not really costing that much do that. So probably. And there's some good questions kicking around in the chat room. This is not necessarily like Google having Google play music and YouTube music because there is no there is no equivalent position for Lucas arts anymore. That's just managing licenses. So this is actually going farther than what Lucas arts does. And also Lucasfilm games isn't an oxymoron, it's taking the Lucasfilm properties and turning them into games. Yes. That is something Lucas arts did in the past. But Lucas arts isn't going to do that. This is Disney saying we don't want to get into game development. Again. We don't wanna own a video game company right now. But we do want to have more of a hand in the games that are created based on the Lucasfilm properties. He writes, arguably it's due in part because this thing hasn't worked out in their favor, and perhaps they're just holding stuff a little closer to the chest. Yeah. Hey, folks, if you want to get all the tech headlines each day and spend less than five minutes doing keep up-to-date. Subscribe to daily tech headlines dot.

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