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Working class fierce brilliant sense of humor, but you have your photographs. You know that some of them don't have shoes. Even in old times era, and the biggest problem for the time was that the kids and silicon Madras school, which was the new school. They'd come down to the links because they could earn money for their family, you know, so you have these little boy caddies. If you see there's a portrait of Freddie tit. The amateur champion and his family live here today. Saint Andrews. And it's a boy caddy. You know, and that was always the problem about getting them to stay in school to get some sort of education. Rather than being done in the links where there would have earned money for the family. You know, so it was a really hard thing. It was like a circle really. Because you didn't get the education, you really couldn't get out of this circle. We were amazed because we never really thought about it. When we learned kind of impressed with two that golf was invented and for the longest time, was a winter game. Of course, yeah. Yeah, because the harvest is done. You know, you've done a cut all our crops, you know, so yeah, so and then also, you know, these Byron courses because this was Byron, you couldn't grow anything on it. So then you just go out and play in the winter months. It was definitely more popular for the winter sports. You know, you would have your seasons, whether it be the harvesting, the growing, and the supplying, et cetera, and then a lot of activity on the links. Wearing all that heavy material and the wool and whatever their outfits and then adding in the cold, wet temperatures. That's insane to us that when we were hearing some of the scores that they were making and some of the shots that they were hitting, the distances. Especially at a press wick that eagle that was made. It's like, how do you even accomplish that with all that on? And that cold weather. But also added to that. So the hole is 578 yards. So Tommy, but Tommy is at the point of winning his third in a row. So you think, well, you know, I'm going to win the bell. I drive if I do this and you think, well, there's a lot of nerves. Must be a lot of nerves. But it gives you a measure of the man that, on the first hole, you had what we would think of as an eagle, somewhat may be called an albatross, you know, if there are any, it was sublime, but it speaks volumes about Tommy, Tommy Morris being the sort of confident youth, because he's still a teenager, he's 19. Which is incredible. And it's also, it's all the more tragic that he died 24. You know? And he died. You know, just a few doors up here. Really? Yeah, yeah. How did he pass away? So his wife had died in September. And so he had moved back in with his mom and dad and it was obviously brief stricken. And on Christmas Eve, he'd been up with some friends and home and spoke to his dad, Tom Morris, and then said goodnight to his mom and just went to bed. And then a Christmas morning, which you would have fairly big morning. Tommy didn't, you know, didn't surface who told him to get him. And find him dead, he had died in his sleep. And what happened? It had an aneurysm in his left lung. So effectively, bled to death. And there's various theories about that, you know, he was on tour with somebody whose family had TB. And maybe something's gone on there. But yeah, yeah, it was just tragic, really. And a couple heavy moments in the show. Yeah. I know. What could he have won? What would he have done? Tom Morris went on and created over a hundred courses designed over a hundred courses. But what would have taught me I've done how many more opens would he have one would he have won 7 and therefore still be the. Record holder for the most wins? So it is tragic thinking what was lost. And there was genuine shock and that's why 60 golf and societies came together to create the statue, which is at the cemetery. And I am delighted to say they've opened up the cemetery in the opened up a path now because it was closed for the last couple of years and they've opened it up this week. So people can go to Tommy. Is it right down? It's right down the road right here. Absolutely. Try these all about it. Yeah. Honestly, it's brilliant. And there's a photograph of Tom and Tommy together. And they've taken the likeness of Tommy and used that for the photograph. So it is fantastic. And his Greek a granddaughter still lives here and still lives and Tom's house above the chart. And she tends to the grave and keeps it looking pretty. Tommy Morris is great, great granddaughter. Tom. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So it's still the family that she's still here. And looking after the grave and she's a wonderful ambassador for everything to do with Tom Morris, you know? Incredible. It's just their Alan Robertson lived beside the attaint grain, you know, and that's why we have the open. Tom created the press course for the open. And then his son won the open four times, but is the reason we play for the claret jug. And also just to throw it into the mix, their next door neighbor won the open was the first to win the open three times. On three different courses, you know, so yeah, so around the 18th green, it just it is fundamental to open history. Was this whole town built because of the golf course? No, no, this was a place of religious pilgrimage. So the reason why it's called saint Andrews is after the bone of the apostle. So they were brought here in the 8th century. Wow. And so people were coming here for pilgrimages. You know, and they thought the waters were blessed. Not realizing that the waters, you know, you would get pretty close to God if you go into the water today. The academy said something funny that it's the difference between where we are with beaches and where a trail was that children would actually be sent to the sea if they were misbehaving. Like, oh, if you don't, if you don't, if you don't like shut up, I'm going to put you in the water and you have to go for a swim. Which is totally different than New York, where it's like, can we please go to the beach? I want to go for a swim in the ocean because it's so cold here. It must be like, I have no idea. I was at the beach yesterday. I've got two young kids and we were at the beach. And that's a drive signage. We can just get out of the beach and hang out. And there was a really big guy really but his very tiny slim girlfriend. And he was like, yeah, I'm going to go into the water going to water and she was like, yeah, I'll go to you and stuff. And they went into the water. And he put one tour in the water. I'm not going there. Just complete rural reverse. She was happily going in there, the guy obviously had no pain threshold. So yeah, so from the 8th century, people were coming here to be near the bones of the apostle. Wow. And it was so big that Sanders had three cathedrals, and not the one massive cathedral of Scotland, and then to monasteries. And all the revenues from all the churches in Scotland. Came to senators, so it became a very wealthy place. 30% of people employed

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