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Or at least we're going to talk about the business of three d soft wet does so assistance has cut its full year earnings targets to between two euro fifty seven cents until are a sixty one cents per share that's down from its previous eps ps4 cost the french software solutions firm is citing the strengthening euros since late july as a reason for this lower revenue targets for wallets bring in a battle now shown less the president and chief executive officer of dassault systemes now great to have you on the show thank you for joining us this morning to what extent then is so feeling the impact of a stronger euro all right i'll were well were you worldwide you like going up our her iaea exxon raid or or dengue fever who do you could you heard iraq attorney under wi fi e b be going global economic i know we got great muir doll begin year riyad that we we are back wing wing wing but but not people thought he could in the world a very good morning to you by not it's manish speaking alongside lawyer in his judy of i'm how me understand i understand the headwinds but give me a sense of what's going on globally for growth i hear very ceos tell me things it gained figure improving i'm a lot of european ceos they're telling me that abide the world can catch you confirm that and give me your complexion of the synchronized global growth picture the war got the number who do order the balance between media america on europe very very good we w grow on decree ju group so even dole china would we her quarter because the you know the election process done dumb up the b where going from and cool in the iron on korea what what what were very strong on global directly all the top dari i'm gonna go down in america we have a very dynamic at another by late on novel terms of all pound pick la mother of the earth the fear that we he may be not mary in driver we concur unequivocal burma nathan you'd will be confirmed bala held it earlier on in europe neighbor double d growth a new life cold i i'll be on ongoing keep in mind we won that we that we redouble between two thousand balking on two thousand nine kunar on we.

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