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The us capitol police officer who shot and killed capital rider ashley. Babbitt on january six as remained concealed even as right wing politicians have called for that person's name to be released including foreign president trump. Tomorrow night. my colleague. Lester holt will sit down with that officer for an exclusive interview at the same time today. The house january sixth committee issued a sweep and records request asking the trump administration to turn over records of communication related to the assault on the capital and warning. That failure to do so would be met with subpoenas chairman. Bennie thompson demanded documents and communications related to more than thirty individuals including three of trump's children re guiliani mark meadows. Michael flynn steve. Bannon and roger stone among others the requests for sent to eight federal agencies most notably the national archives which maintains the white house records request drive home the seriousness and scope of the investigates. Betsy woodruff swan is a national correspondent. Politico there's been reporting on the january six insurrection the aftermath and she joins me now. Betsy i slightly misspoke there. In the interest of the trump administration which of course is no longer as a as a recipient the request. So who who are these requests directed to and can they purdue. They have the documents that are being asked. The requests are directed to the current officials. who head the different agencies. So lloyd austin at dod andre orcas at dha and then to the head of the national archives. That's important because these are none of these people obviously are trump apparatchiks now the steps that trump could take and which are statement. He put out tonight indicates he probably will would be to sue to ask a judge to block those different components of the government from participating and from producing these records. And what trump could do is he could say. This is a violation of executive privilege. Because it's an effort to get communications between myself and the white house counsel myself and my chief staff. He will be able to make a legal argument. That serious people will take seriously on that front. And that's something that could dramatically slowed down the pace with which investigation is moving. It's particularly important because congressional. Investigators are so close to getting an interview with jeffrey clark. One of the top doj officials who actually tried to get the department to tell state lawmakers that they had evidence of election fraud when they did it up until now trump has said that he will not make an executive privilege claim to try to block geoffrey clark from testify. That means that. If that if clark didn't want to testify he wouldn't be able to cite executive privilege as a reason not to do so. What just changed today is that now. Trump is saying at least obliquely. Hold your horses. I'm actually going to make an executive privilege complaint and that might mean. It could take us a lot longer to hear from clark about those last week's at doj right and we know that he's already given some testimony over over in the senate. I mean two things distress stress. Here i think are important. One is the scope of this right. We've got the national archives asking for anything from the sixth the twentieth related to the mental stability of donald trump or his fitness for office. And then of the committee literature. Doj asking for communications and involving mark meadows kirk olson guiliani. Sydney powell jenna. Ls joseph jenna. These are some of the president's lawyers were victoria taunting or any other person from november third through the twentieth relating to potential doj intervention litigation filed by the trump campaign receipts challenging election results or otherwise questioning the validity of the twenty twenty election result. My suspicion is that's not a fishing exhibition and they have a reasonable certainty. There some documents on the side of this but your point about the legal machinations here. This is not a congressional subpoena asking for a third party. This is asking a current administration to furnish this over a request and trump would have to sort of intervene in that. that's right. Trump would have to ask josh to issue an injunction locking these different departments and entities within the us government from turning over these materials to capitol hill. In addition it's possible that lawyers within biden's justice department and within biden's white house counsel's office surprisingly might be sympathetic with trump. Because if they come down on. The side of executive privilege doesn't protect the president's one on one conversations with the white house counsel or with his chief of staff than democrats are always thinking a couple of years on a couple of administrations ahead and for them. Does that mean that down the road. When jim jordan has a congressional committee he'll be able to get vitamins private conversations with wrong claim that something that these government lawyers always worry about. So i think it's it's going to be a complicated legal fight and the outcome won't necessarily be predictable. Betsy woodruff swan. Thank you so much. Appreciate that i had last night..

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