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Year, the only thing wrong with that statement. It's not a happy new year. Life is still a mess. I want to talk about what is the future? What's the next normal? It's what's right now is not normal. We want to talk about a concept of this show. First and foremost, Let's just talk about your career. You are responsible for your own career. No one else. But generally speaking of many things to talk about on this subject, But in the next normal if I have the had one word to give you To be successful. One word. New Year. New ideas. One word, few curiosity. Curiosity is the most important component for success. That makes you think. It makes you wonder. It opens you up for learning. Curiosity is a trait that will never let you down because you're always trying to improve everything you do. If you're working in a restaurant I think of it this way. I'm a creature of habit. When I like a restaurant. I don't like it. I love it. You're a maitre d Is it important to recognize and no us? Shouldn't they be curious about who we are and what we want? I would say absolutely. I know it's all fake. I know they don't really care about us. I know they're just doing it, but I like it. I like that fake niceness. It makes me feel happy. The point is these guys to be successful have to be curious about who is Mark Webber, who is Jesse Weber. They come here all the time. We should make sure we understand what it is. That makes them happy The tables they like they have a particular kind of food. What kind of bread that they want? What do they drink? That curiosity will make that maitre d Successful if he does it for Jesse and I, and he doesn't further customers. And I'm thinking about The next normal. This is a new year. You get a chance every day to reinvent yourself. There's no better person to decide who you are, who you can be. And you you wanna be Who you are then. And what do you want to be now? The next normal It's interesting when you think about over the course of the year if you work for someone They've given you critique. Hey, you really, really good at the operating side of the business, But you need help financially. You ought to think about that. You're a great product developer. But you're not very good at sales, so right away. You have a tip of way You want to improve. When you're beginning a new year. This is the time that you could really improve on what you doing. I have a simple story in this one. My favorites to prove a point. My style is always very conservative, Elegant but conservative. I determine a long time ago that wearing a white shirt You look great. The brightness of the white reflecting against my skin tone. Looking against my face is the perfect setting the perfect frame for the way I look. I learned by trying so many every different things, but I learned it and I loved it. And for 15 years every single day I wore a white shirt. I'll never forget. Beginning a new year. Don't know what possessed me. But I were a French blue dress shirt. French blue is not dark. It's not light. It's like a medium color. And for whatever reason again, it looked very, very rich. Against my Navy suit against my face, and it looked incredible. Don't never forget going into the office that day. And not one, but every single person in that company I came in contact with commented on the blue shirt. Hey, Mark. You look so different. What is it? I can't believe Mark. You're wearing a blue shirt walk. That's a great looking shirt. I took that because I'm making the shirt look good, but that's a whole other story. The fact that they all sort Was indicative of here I am coming into new Year I wore a different color shirt and look at the impression it made. No matter who I was in the 15 years before I am looking like a new person in this new year. And I'm convinced as I always have been. But you could reinvent yourself in a new year. To the management take you seriously. That's a question for all of you to think of When you competed in your company against the other people around you. Do they look at you differently from anyone else? How about the way you dress? Said it a moment ago. I believe in dressing for work. Now, if you're in silicone valley or you're somewhere else, or you're working in a Garage. I get it. Okay. But even so, if you're at the front desk in that garage shirt, entire sport coat in the shirt will stand your port don't know right away who you are, and that you're serious And you mean something? It shouldn't matter, but it does. The way you speak is often more important than what you say. Don't shoot off your mouth. Don't run at the mouth. There's a great expression. I love Wiseman speak because they have something to say fools because they have to say something. When you talk You position yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for asking me my opinion. I've given a great deal of thought to the question that you pose. And after thinking about it and testing it in my mind a number of times. This is what I think we should do. It's a whole lot different than saying this is what we should do. We all have arguments. You pick your fights carefully. See nobody ever wins a fight. What happens in a fight? You might prove your point that you were right. Whoever you had that fight with will never forget. It could be a week later a month you later a year later than never gonna forget that you either embarrassed them. You won the argument. They felt you were disrespectful. Fight..

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