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Word Eddie, and rocky got the video is talked about earlier rate, you about the person who's getting rescued with a helicopter, right? And they got the gurney or whatever you call do you know what the person was getting rescued four? I don't do you know so they're pulling them pulling this person up and then Allen because a wind or the whatever the, the it starts to spin in like super super fast could not have been good for the vigneault. That's the thing it just, you know how you feel on a roller coaster one. This twirly thing and then just multiply that while hovering above the ground, you got so far of ailment that required some of them broken something that requires you to get a stretcher and get helicoptered out of a place. Yeah. And then you are now while dealing with that dealing with being spun around at hundreds of times, per minute. I also because I'm a meat head and I like the stuff. I have a video of Thor, right? Yeah. What's, what's his real Bjorn thorn for I whatever the mountain of the mountain game at the world's strongest man? And he's dead lifting eight oh, five twice which I think is kind of cool, I'd love day. And what's is the max buys max. He has the world record. Now, this is including this is with straps and wraps. There's there's, there's different levels of this sort of stuff you can do with a quick and without us like a risk strap helps you all the bar belts. It's just a lot of weight anyway. So, but so, yeah. And he's an incredible guy like I've seen a documentary on it. You deal with Bell's palsy for awhile to her ear seen that were like once I your face kinda gets paralyze. Anyway. Pretty cool dude. He's a really miniature wife, she's like five one anyway, because like his record is one thousand something thousand forty-three said, this did the eight hundred whatever is just, you know him him like stretching out like that's like normal for him, but he puffs two of bloom down. Boom, exactly good. Instead of just for a single right good. That means because he can. That's the crazy part. I could do that anyway, in the category of things that no one was wishing for my man are Scharzenegger has now come out with a rap. I have the video on the blog. Here's a sample hit it..

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