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Significant innovation with some of our restaurant, hospitality industry, and we're getting a large influx of calls. On the West Coast, particularly in the attack. Rome Looking make Denver and intact downtown Denver their home, So it's running the gamut, But it certainly isn't easy. And we're looking forward to a new 2021. Absolutely. Then downtown Denver partnership president CEO Tammy Door will have to pick up that conversation. Where you left off about companies wanted to come here. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you. 7 20 Year on Colorado's Morning news, we're going to catch up with some of the county. Question the quarters Next. Your driver now John Morrissey son, making it tough on all your eastbound route. But the toughest drivers in the tech center in the bed Fred Sports Traffic Center South bound. I 25 approaching a rap. Oh, crash there in the center lanes. Your fact of solid back to 2 to 5 and those delays were growing Cherry Creek Dam Road might be a better idea for you. Since South bound to too far South bound. I 25 is now backing up to 2 to 5. We'll see the impact on that 2 to 5 drivers. Well, Arapaho will work for you off a Parker Road trying to avoid those delays on I 25 some folks even using Santa Fe to get down in the Littleton instead of doing I 25 down to the text of the rest of you drive nowhere near that problematic. We've got a pretty decent drive going. You are heavy. And some of the usual spots. One of the heaviest right now. Is that westbound I 76 Dr jammed up from 96 all the way down to 2 70 to 70 is heavy in both directions. Both turbines still looks good. So does he into C 4 70 that drive on 93. But Golden and Boulder, this reporter sponsored by Napa auto parts for thousands of locally owned apple stores across the nation. Chances are there wherever you call home. They do, too. So whether you stop by your local Napa auto parts store Annapolis here, Senator visit Nap online. You can count on Napa knowhow. I'm John Morrissey on Kaylie News radio. Live everywhere in the I. Heart radio Up Now.

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