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A new proposal from the Trump administration could unite millions of dollars in funding to Planned Parenthood more on that from US as Wendy king. The Trump administration says it will prohibit taxpayer funded family planning clinics from advising women about abortion, the move that HHS said. Was Mississippi for transparency and the legal use of tax dollars is being applauded by social conservatives. But Planned Parenthood says it believes in administration is targeting them, sixty million dollars from medical services. Other critics say it amounts to a gag rule. That interferes with the patient physician relationship for USA radio news. I'm Wendy king Saudi Arabia's crown prince has defended China's use of concentration camps for a Muslim sect. John Clemens reports Hamad bin Salman was in China to sign a multi million dollar trade deals when he defended Beijing's right to detain an estimated one million so-called re education camps. Gary Bauer American values is also on the us commission on international religious freedom. Hundreds of thousands of weaker are being held in these camps. And of course, the irony is around the world. There are a lot of his Lami countries that engage in religion. This persecution. I'm John Clemens at least ninety four people have died and more than one hundred fifty have been hospitalized after consuming tainted alcohol meat by bootleggers in India. At least two people have been arrested for USA radio. News Hamrick vincit..

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