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I I wanted that worried about it and I knew what his motivation was. He was just worried with the stories in the paper that somebody inside people inside would be wary of talking to them so and nothing ever happened. After that funny federal he was a federal federal witness that probably required protection yet. He wanted to be in the general population. Where you could get wacked. No not wh where. He could get wacked but he also get information. You're saying yeah 'cause 'cause you know he was fairly it that said he thought he could talk way out of anything. Here's the story getting ill. I just found your story on the inter- Internet from June twenty-fourth Nineteen ninety-one. Tom Lavera the Baltimore Sun. This is awesome. The headline the headline is Oh God. I've got an AD blocking the headline. Sorry something a I've got A. I've got a Heinz ketchup AD blocking and there's no X. to close the ad out it's driving me crazy. The Baltimore Sun's a pay site so you might not be able to get on. Oh I wrote here I can read. Let me read this story. The first paragraph the day in court for Anthony Savonarola was his name. That's his real name of the former organized. Crime Enforcer an FBI informant accused of swindling western Maryland. Commuter airline has come and gone with no trial no reason for postponement and no new date. The prosecutor isn't saying why the case scheduled for June tenth was postponed. I don't know said Ethan Bauman Assistant. Us Attorney his bosses and saying why was postponed But you've got in here as I scroll down. This is the Guy Right. Yes that's the guy. Now that's one of the story that followed.

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