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Is Greg jarrett guest. Is there any. Is there any fact that has emerged. In this case that is material to the case that had not already been made available to you in media coverage that surprised you. it's not so much of material fact. It's the power in the emotion of the eye. Witnesses who have testified so far. We've seen you know witnesses breakdown on the stand. We have seen tears flow from witnesses. I'm reminded of of the seventeen year old girl who's face we could not See but we could hear her. She's underage and she talked about how she has been haunted by what she saw there. She's the one who shot the infamous videotape and. She has spent the better part of the last year. Scolding yourself with guilt. Why didn't i do more. She's she told the jurors. What didn't i. Intervene could could have helped him and she said every night. I apologize to george floyd. I'm sorry george. i'm. I'm sorry i didn't help. And then dramatically turns to the defendant sitting just feet away and says to him. But it's not what i should have done. It's what he should have done. You know powerful moments like that connect with your and prosecutors have done. I think a masterful job in providing what skill lawyers do immediacy and and emotion To help buttress their case and and that on top of the videotape itself Has you know. Been a strong case for prosecutors. Yes the burden of proof is formidable But the incriminating evidence against chauvin is crap is formidable as well. What do you think is his strongest argument. Indefens- i think it's a fool's errand to argue that this was not excessive force You're going to hear on the prosecution. Side the chief of police and one other Officer who's gonna say. This is unquestionably. Not what we train. It's not in the manual. The opposite is in the manual And this is You know this is. They're not allowed to say but they're going to convey. This is murder by our fellow. Police officers i. I think it's it's really foolish to try to make that argument. You lose credibility when you do. I think the only thing they can Offer to the jury to create reasonable doubt is that there was a high level of fatal level of sentinel methamphetamine in george floyd system and that caused his heart to stop But again you know there's going to be testimony of the half of the prosecution that now believe your eyes look at what happened here. It's a net compression. The lack of oxygen that caused his heart to stop and much will depend on the The medical examiner who will task five mr baker and and how he holds up on crossing examination. So you know we'll wait and see know you got to hit the train. I'll ask you one quick questioning take songs you want During dr a number of the jurors were concerned about serving because if the result was not guilty they were worried about their safety. A number of people said they were worried about the fact that the city made a settlement with the family. That made them seem. Do you think that there is any risk that this trial isn't fair because of a lack of ability to get jurors. You've you put your finger. Michael on a very important issue and i always have concerns in high profile cases Just because of the pressure within the community i mean. It's one of the reasons why you know. We don't have the identity of the jurors. Their faces are not being shown on camera You to try to relieve some of that pressure but it's always a concern and you know it may well be an issue on appeal depending upon what happens Both during and after the trial. So yeah i mean. I think we have to be but we have to follow the constitutional standard of drying people by a jury of their peers. I you know and in high profile cases there is this difficulty that invariably occurs even if you move the trial out of minneapolis in to another county The publicity was so pervasive everywhere in minnesota and in fact in the united states That you know it's it's very difficult to find a venue where You know there can be a fair and objective trial in which jurors are not tainted by pretrial publicity and premature judgements. But but you know judges have no choice. You know when a when a juror says i can set aside everything i know and any initial judgments i have made and i will make a decision in this case based based solely on the evidence presented within the four walls of this courtroom. Trust that i you have to trust that. The jurors will be genuine and honest in fulfilling their duty. But i'm you know. I'm always a bit skeptical. Grab your train back from the break and come back and see us. Your great guests thank you. Thanks michael from fox news. Greg jarrett all. Y'all been serious for very long our reward you but i seven one three two one two five eight seven four seven one three two five eight seven four with your thoughts on the matter. This reminds me of win. Shirley q liquor had that problem with the police officer damsel stove up the day. I know if i could see him. Then would be bruce as all over my body hundred. True him last night name to send. Some of our friends was balkan. Right got middle of sixteenth street. I don't know why we got turned around and who calls up this me. The season policewoman put him red and blue light. Tunnel she down. Study exner saudis. Course what was you hit a. She can't acce five street name. And i told what to stay on john streak and i don't mlk she pulled out the pepper sprayed in. She said what is y'all street names. I i stay on twenty five fifteen..

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