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Hi thanks. For taking my call, sure, yeah, I wanted to talk. About the preseason I don't agree that. There, should be four but I. Do. Agree, that they should be at least thirty Well, two to three and the reason why I said as goals example tonight with picks with. Pittsburgh Steelers played they played a former evolve Joshua dogs to fourth quarterback that they. Have on the team so they are going to get rid of. Someone and they put him out there he played a eight out of twelve hundred and fifty one yards so he did a great job in the reason why they put him out there and they give them such high. Praise because they're looking at getting. Rid of him getting what they can out of him if they do and he did a great job 'cause. He's, trying. To get another place knows that either he stays, there or he's needs, to find another one yeah right and it helps if you've had a strong preseason? You've got to moment but did you just, say you don't think there should be a fourth preseason game I think that three would be enough and if there was only three than they would have. Put, him. Out there 'cause on the the third preseason the, Steelers actually didn't play, him so I think if there's a third they would have put him out there Maybe maybe not I mean if they've already made up their mind as you. Talk about their more showcasing him than they are anything else then. Maybe they're more concerned about the most important. Thing the, the critical point which is getting their team. Ready, and making sure. That the guys that are actually. Going to play on the same page, so I think the fourth preseason game is kind of a luxury it's not a necessity teams will use. It I mean Sean Payton tried, to sell it last night oh it's so important we. Need a running back here we need. To chart and it is but they also do that based on preseason the. Pre the previous preseason games as, well as training camp so they. Don't necessarily need it but they'll use, it as long as they have it Right. Yeah so they could get by without an. Extra one, and certainly the veterans would prefer it now. They're, always guys who. Are trying to make a roster. For the first time or trying to, find a new home that are desperate for that opportunity so yeah I I can see both sides of. It I don't wanna be grudge, them the chance to continue to chase that dream either That's. Correct and, oh, and also wanna say that I'm glad. That I'm not the only one that has dog sledding fuck I do I accidentally I, have, no idea how to make that happen or flying with the blue angels but those things are still on my. Bucket list Well listen to you all the time while delivering papers. L., every, show, first time, caller, and, I, appreciate, what, you do great Richard thanks so much for tuning and, have a great weekend. Eight five five two one two four two two seven but, screw the phone calls out of that was very very nice at all you put,.

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