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The girls are fighting. Start every episode with that somebody somewhere. Mark Burnett and Tom Arnold got into a fight before the. These are my two favorite celebrities. So please be sensitive. First of all, who fights with Mark Burnett on, do you know the bat? I didn't know the Baxter in which is that apparently, Tom Arnold is making a show for vice called like wears the Trump tapes or something like that where he's looking for the Trump tapes. Now, I would have thought it's the p. tape because do we really need a tape of Trump saying nigger to know that he's raised it like, we've we got it. We have Trump of him seen grabber by the pussy. I don't know that like hearing this is really going to like drive it home for anyone proof, right, exactly. But apparently is a whole TV show. That's just about finding the tapes vice. I remember really just spending money and curious as, but so he, I guess he said that this weekend at the Emmys he was gonna go like hunting from our Burnett because as we all know, Mark Burnett. Is the producer behind survivor, the amazing race, and also the apprentice where Donald Trump is alleged to have said nigger, a bunch of times. Throughout the seventeen hundred seasons that that show was. Any won't really. The whole thing is he won't release the tapes. People think that he's like protecting Trump. And I mean, do we is it that serious, Tom Arnold. He ganked off mar Burnell nowadays. Yeah. So that's the thing like it. It's not clear who initiated the quote, unquote scuffle. I will say, usually victims don't flee the scene, the way Mark Burnett did, but I don't know. Also, I mean, like the way the story was told Tom Arnold said he was just choked under certain services if you meet Tom Arnold. I mean, do I choke him? I, I don't know. I don't really know that much about Tom Arnold choke Tom Arnold all the time now exactly. Then this other weird thing happened where Roma Downey who was married to Mark Burnett was like injured in the posted damage. I have a Google alert for Roma. Downey may lay so that came up on my feet. Also Roma Downey is one of the fifty people that Trump follows on Twitter or something like that. So that's sort of interesting what a little wrinkle. She's behind it. All. I know Malania also say that unless. Like the Cardi Nikki fight where someone had the wherewithal to whip out their phone and get his video footage. We don't have any footage of this scuffle, let alone multiple perspective that we have different weed coverage. The Nikki Cardi fight, and we're just having to believe Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett and Pat nozzle see, this is the difference before they were talking on social media about how Cardi and Nikki should conduct themselves in front of white people. But I think that the problem with white people is they don't have their phones out out feel is important to document to celebrities fighting with each other. I prefer the black people. We'll see. I wonder like, would we get less sort of shit for it if we didn't record it because now people can say whatever they want. And if we had only heard secondhand accounts about Cardi Nikki, you might not be like it might not look as bad wrote. It would just be a rumor. It just be a rumor the way people know it's up though with that. 'cause now, no one, you don't have the footage of like Mark burnett's crucifix being being flung from his neck way. Here's my question when. In the Cardi fight who got the picture of her with the not on her head was that just like walking out. It was just a Pap. So they actually just probably did it in front of more 'paparazzi. None announced they were at someone recorded it. They were like inside the party and someone smart who knew they knew the TMZ rates and they pulled out their phone ordered it. And then she just later walked out the movie night, crawler uploaded it to the teams, the app. It's also got that direct deposit to. Ronin fails..

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