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Cautioned that until we get an official count the closest we can get his from anthony guglielmi who is a spokesman for the chicago police department he said a c pd officer was assisting a tactical unit downtown when the officer was shot now were told that this may well have followed a brief chase perhaps a involved the traffic stop and then a foot chase it's not clear there there are also reports that the uh wounded police officer may have had a higher ranked than officer but again this that just being reported by a couple of people who are out and on the scene so that's not confirmed yet as well that those are the sorts of things that we will get from the police superintendent eddie johnson out when he speaks we know that he was on his way to northwestern memorial hospital this afternoon which is where the injured police department member was brought the call came in just about an hour from now so a all of this happening in the past sixty minutes will continue to monitor john williams and let you know more as soon as we have more judy pilic with the new certainly coming up from the wgn news room at three o'clock a ryan burrow was over there and talk to witnesses who thought it was connected to what they believed was a burglary or robbery at a starbucks has the police department connected those know they they haven't i am i don't mean i'm not dismissing them but the police department all other saying is that the officer was their assisting a tactical unit at the time now that might have involved some sort of um pursuit i don't know but um they this the statement from police department and is not confirming anything about any sort of robbery in the neighborhood steeper trend in the wgn.

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