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The idea that willetts the phrase from the safe shays but as a british any england deaths it's a it's a british sawedoff image how fan something like that they are so again thanking people later on thank you for supporting us remember we do ever show coming up on sunday we'll have our free oscar predictions oh yeah and please remember to support the program your podcast that laura dot org n a might as well let everybody know that you will have the prediction that this sunday formula is this we go wild we had people in the mouth woah borders cross i did want to mention one more promotional item from a dude named ben his name's been he calls himself the dude named ben i was just listening to 10 10 laugh mud but off when i heard cash is racist just so you know i work at the local casino here they will not take fifty dollar bills because it has grant on it because he killed a lot of the natives i guess it's an indian casino uh so he uh purchase cash is racist dot com and that is now fording to the no agenda show website the to glatz glatz what they won't take 50s because grant is on it yes sir oh i'm sorry i'll stop billion keep doing i understand your break give their habit within jess sir denis are doing it to you know just say never mind you can say it all you want i'm going to say to you sir i play quick i got a quick ice oh cats.

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