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All right, welcome to another episode of piecing it together at the place where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what movies inspired it and today on the show. We are taking a quick break from all of the spooky and creepy and horrific horror Halloween related episodes that we've been doing lately to take a look at another recent movie that just came out. It's in some theaters and is on VOD as well. It is Miranda July's kajillion are this is one. I was really looking forward to it was it looked very strange and I like strange and it did not disappoint. So I am looking forward to talking dead. About it and with me today his first time on the show is the Vern from the cinema recall podcast. So I am very happy to have the Vern on and you should check out his palm cast where this week. We are talking about possessor, which hopefully you heard our possessor piecing it together episode with Josh Bell a couple of weeks back and I was happy to jump on the Verns podcast took to talk some more about that movie because it's a crazy one and I have not stopped thinking about it ever since it came out but that's possessor today. We're talking about kajillion are so before we get into this song station are doing a remind you as always to make sure you're subscribed to piecing it together wherever it is you listen to podcasts and of course make sure to follow us on social media at piecing pod and join our Facebook group of popcorn and puzzle pieces. And also maybe check out our patreon David Rosen. It's got a whole bunch of bonus content from my music career. It's got a dog Best episodes of piecing it together and a bunch of bonus content from awesome movie year and we're also going to be squeezing up some All rights, no beans bonus content soon as well. So lots of great stuff down there tears starting at a dollar and going up from there. So check it out. If you enjoy the show and you want more of what I put out there. So with that said, let's jump into this conversation about kajillion are.

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