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A Philly two hundred eighty six yards three touchdowns one pick. Josh Adams rushed for sixty one yards. Blake Bortles two hundred eighty six yards and a touchdown Dede Westbrook to catches thirty one yards and a score. Philly over Jacksonville twenty four to eighteen in London. It was Carolina getting home win over Baltimore. Thirty six to twenty one. Cam Newton a big day. Twenty one of twenty nine two hundred nineteen yards passing in two scores. He rushed for fifty two yards and a touchdown Christian McCaffrey. Forty five yards rushing and a touchdown for catches in a score. Joe? Flacco of the ravens one hundred ninety two yards a touchdown to interceptions. Alex Collins had eleven carries for forty nine yards and a touchdown Carolina's now five and two Baltimore's. Foreign four Panthers thirty six twenty one winners. It was the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Cleveland Browns thirty three to eighteen Ben Rothlisberger two hundred and fifty seven yards. Two touchdowns in an I N teachings Connor another huge day for the Steelers. Twenty four carries one hundred and forty six yards and two touchdowns. Lady on who for Cleveland Baker Mayfield. Twenty two of thirty six one hundred and eighty yards two touchdowns. Worn I n t Jarvis Landry. Eight catches for thirty nine yards as. Pittsburgh is now four to one Cleveland to five and one Steelers win at thirty three to eighteen giants. Get close footfall to one in seven losing to the Redskins at life stadium. Twenty two thirteen Washington is now five and two when on top of the NFC east, Alex Smith. Hundred and seventy eight yards and a touchdown. Adrian Peterson a monster day twenty six carries one hundred and forty nine yards and a touchdown. He signed with Washington in August. He manning three hundred sixteen yard touchdown two picks owed Beckham junior. Eight catches one hundred and thirty six yards. Seattle doubles up Detroit in Detroit twenty eight to fourteen. Russell Wilson threw for two forty eight with three touchdowns. Chris Carson hundred five yards rushing in a score. Matthew, Stafford of the lions twenty seven of forty three hundred ten yards two touchdowns one. I n t both scores. Went to Marvin Jones who caught seven passes for one hundred seventeen yards. Seattle wins at twenty eight fourteen seabirds or four three the lions three and four Cincinnati survives. Tampa Bay thirty seven thirty four on a Randy Bullock's forty four yard field goal with five seconds to go. That came after Ryan Fitzpatrick it hit OJ Howard on an eighteen yard touchdown pass. Then completed the two point pass with a minute five left to tie it. Don't Andy Dalton Cinncinnati-based twenty one of thirty four two hundred and eighty yards and two touchdowns. Joe mixing rushed for one twenty three with two scores. James Winston got benched after throwing his fourth pick. Eighteen of thirty five hundred seventy six yards and a touchdown. Ryan Fitzpatrick came onto complete.

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