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Western PA in Columbus. Jared alad NewsRadio seven hundred wwl wwl's with the suspect. You robbed the mandala this morning in the parking lot of bell tear apart casino gambling. Shafts as a suspect had an assault rifle demanded money from the workers. He was getting into his car to drive home suspects. A white man in his mid twenties about six foot two he was wearing a beige fedora hat navy peacoat you'll have to seen in a white Toyota Corolla with dark tinted windows. Black rims of any information contact crime stoppers three five to thirty forty could learn more early next year about what was in the messages exchanged by members of Cincinnati city council the gang of five texting scandal is about to beat examined by a special. Prosecutor Joe says the special master appointed to go over text messages between these so called gang of five on Cincinnati city council is starting his work reviewing those messages. Now, they just open the phones we had search warrants executed on the. Everyone's cell phone. And so they're now been open the antitax group coast is suing over the messages, claiming they violate the state open meeting act and more dealer says that judge ruled in is already willing to hold contempt motions. It's expected to be weeks though, before the special master can go over all those messages, and then give any relevant communications to the prosecutor's office, Jack. Crumley News Radio seven hundred w w could be a little progress in negotiations to try and end the shutdown of the federal government both sides in the fight over funding, President Trump's border wall appear to have moved towards each other. But a partial government shutdown is continuing without an end inside spokesman for the White House wanted to shutdown could stretch into January infects about a fourth of the federal government campus. Just stand the mild side.

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