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And their bottom line is profit but just to bring this back to people a little bit. I mean people are getting their information from facebook. People are getting their information from what's app and forces much darker than those two including parlor and this you know outright media ecosystem and and i'm just wondering how to bring people together. I mean it just feels like president biden. Really has his work cut out for him. I mean he's been. He's been singing this song for a while. Now and you know just a few weeks ago. Things were seemingly the worst. They've ever been you think he can make any progress to that when when when even a fair portion of this country doesn't even believe he's the rightfully elected president. Unbelievable the shift in the energy in this country it is. It does like america's back it's like we have at least a fighting chance. Having spent the time in the belly of the beast that i spent. I know about the corruption of the system. It at the same time and the brutality of that system by the way especially towards anyone who is inconvenient to its prescribe conversation whatsoever but i also had the exhilarating experience of being in the presence in state after state after state black. On insists white audiences audiences rich audiences poor audiences people are smart and i think that they founders had very radical brilliant idea there that in the final analysis it is only only the wisdom of people that should be looked to as the force powerful enough to govern a great nation. And that's what we need. We need real reemergence and rebirth of democracy in this country in order to have that rebirth on one hand you have the passage of hr one in the house. Now the senate might take that up. I hear they're they're going to the version of that. That's the kind of direction we need to move. In to override gerrymandering and ultimately whatever efforts were allowed to override money and politics. Because right now it's unreasonable to think we're going to overturn citizens united but there are other ways that we can start to get around the problem of that underlying cancer which is money and politics and that i believe is the only survivable and sustainable future for american democracy. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you guy talking to on my best. Marianne williamson ran for president. She didn't win but she now has a podcast. So she's still a winner. Her shows called the marianne williamson. Podcast.

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