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And wwl traffic from the wwl traffic center and patty burnham and if you coming in from the west we've got stop and go traffic on the spillway coming from la plus an accident at clearview had the right lane blocked for a while and it's back traffic of all the way crossed the spillway it's been moved off to the right and those delays are working themselves out you still going to see some slowing between williams and power and up till clearview but once you get past clearview traffic moves well until you get to ride around carrollton approaching downtown and if you're westbound on the i ten heading toward the floss through kenneran metairie earlier accident at loyola had the right and center lanes blocked it had delays back to clear view on the westbound side that's heading away from the city toward lapus that's been moved off to the side as well but we're still looking at some delays especially between clearview and power once you get past that those delays open up coming in from the east and no problems on the twins fan or at the high rise secondary delays though are still back to saint bernard approaching exit to clayborn and the river bound expressway river bend expressways cleared out a bit we've got some bunching around the arena but after that it moves well to the west bank but if you come in from the west bank to the east bank i think this delays to be here all day we're seeing some bunching around terry parkway stop and go on the connection and through the cbd around the major on ramps with emerging traffic we're seeing stop and go traffic there traffic brought to you by.

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