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Rich eisen on demand your show your schedule fifteen minutes after ball dot com check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com masha oh i'm a shower curtain i do one thing he water from leaking everywhere see you see why feel useless compared to geico who does so much more like not only could gyco saving money but they've been around for over seventy five years and they give you twenty four seven access online over the phone or on the geiko app and they've got a ninety seven percent customer satisfaction rating you all this while i have to listen to this chuckle head could he stopped great an encore darko expect great savings whole lot more number three of the rich eisen show is on the air peter gammons of mlb network will be joining shortly here on the rich eisen show also the athletic he will be joining us in just about a minute's time just had a really nice chat with craig t nelson in the back there the incredible two theaters near you on june fifteenth also in the book book club which has been in theaters for a couple of weeks now and it's very rare that children of all ages in my household or looking forward to the same movie coming out from the four year old all the way up to the forty eight year old and me the incredible to i mean this is great that it's back in theaters incredible 's in the mix once again and mr incredible be joining shortly and of course obviously played coach for all of those years.

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