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Hello everybody to the special episode of the Charlie Kirk show, with us right now is my pastor, rob McCoy. Rob, welcome back. Thanks, buddy. And then joining us remotely is Bryce ceti, the great Bryce, and Bryce, I don't know if you've ever been on our program. So welcome to our not yet. So here we go. Thank you. And Steve Schneider, who is a great American, and we're honored to have all of you guys and kind of talk about something important that is local in our focus, but national in nature. Absolutely. And so however you guys want to take it, rob, do you want to start? And then we can kind of, let me do my best to frame it. And then I know Jason Steve will be able to add all kinds of insight to it. In our community, the kineto unified school districts, there's two newspapers in the Canelo valley where I reside. And as this Bryce and Steve, these two newspapers, one is the guardian, the other, is the acorn. The guardian did a paper, did an article called third grade teacher promotes gender confusion in the classroom. And it was an article writing on behalf of Steve Schneider, who's on the program with us. Who was standing in defense of his third great daughter, who was told by the teacher to now these are the new pronouns of this fellow student in your class, and this is a book I want to read to you on transgender. And then expose the children to a video without parental permission. Steve took issue with at the kineto guardian on his behalf, wrote a very, very clear and concise article, everything and it was true. Good reporting, the acorn, which is a defender of what I would say that California teachers association and the district itself took great offense to it. Then the news channels came out CBS. They did a whole thing on it. And then there was graffiti at that elementary school and they blamed Steve Schneider for it. The police came to his house. He'll tell you more about that. He wasn't even there, so it was crazy.

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