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Gentlemen. Welcome to another fine. Addition of the post game podcast. My name is Corey Woodruff. Thanks for stopping by. The falcons are terrible. Unfortunately, at seems to be the case and falcon the now is the team stands at a very unsatisfying for an eight after quite a tumultuous year with injuries poor coaching even worse play and lots of annoying losses, which piled up the team has lost four straight. And they're trying to figure out exactly what's going on. What's working what's not working? And really what in the world. They're going to do as the last four games of the year began to enter as we get into December. So I'm joined by no stranger to the show. He's a good friend of mine a wonderful person to hear from with anything falcons related and the biggest Jack Crawford fan out. There has name is Evan burchfield. He's joining us today. Evan. Thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate having me on core. Yeah. We are always happy to have been on the show, and we'll have a special little of news about Evan. When we get done the recording this one, but you know, let's just get into this Baltimore game as much as we can. You know, what what to you Evan? Did you see about this game that really kind of showed exactly where this team is right now? I mean, everything was too bad like everything offense of line. Play was bad. The falcons run game was bad. Julio Jones was bad. Maybe not all his fault. But I mean two receptions for eighteen yards is not normally the production. You get from Leo Jones. Mahama's new had his first ever incompletion passing completion. So that pretty much sums it up. Yeah. I think that's just kind of the difficult part of where we are. Right now is that this team is an very languished place. They've just not exactly the naval to overcome lot of these injuries. And they've really kind of compiled down with really poor defensive play. And the offense really was good for half a season. And then in the month of November. They kinda began to taper out a little bit too that Washington game. And they've really just not been great. Honestly, the last couple of games, and it's been really kind of disconcerting to see them. Take such a sizable step back offensively under such a promising stretched there in September October in into that Washington game. But you know, I think right now, this is just a team that doesn't really have a spark. They don't really have just any sort of momentum going for them. And when you're working with little momentum. You're going to have little success..

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