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Bound to ask the one you most want answered What defines that as the year goes on Tom Keene Jonathan perro and Lisa bravo How do you explain the fact that you have not seen a cheer from equity traders Bloomberg surveillance Will that occur within market stability Weekday mornings at 7 eastern on Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com President Biden is meeting with his national security team at Camp David amid escalating tensions with Russia over Ukraine The meetings come as the U.S. embassy in Kyiv announced the arrival Saturday of part of the $200 million security assistance package for Ukraine's military The White House says the president has made it very clear that any movement across the border by Russian forces will be considered an invasion that will be met with severe international consequences And Pfizer's CEO Albert borla is stressing COVID-19 will not be eradicated However while speaking to Israel's N 12 news he said quote we should be able to come to normal lives in a few months He noted there will continue to be anomalies such as armor but he believes the variants will be able to be controlled through vaccines Borla also noted the best way to avoid being hospitalized with the virus is by getting the shot I'm Jim Forbes Now there's Bloomberg sports update two more teams shown the door on Saturday in the NFL playoffs both the respective number one seeds at Lambeau Field Special teams did the trick for the honors They got a block punt return for a touchdown late in the fourth that tied their game of the packers at ten before a final drive ended in a Robbie gold 45 yard field goal in the final play good for a 13 to ten win The openers saw the Bengals get a 52 yard field goal as time expired from rookie Evan McPherson They stunned the Titans in Nashville 1916 McPherson's fourth field goal of the day I turned to Kevin whenever I know I hit it good and I don't even watch the ball go through And we've seen that be a bad thing But this time it was a good thing And I looked at him and he's like you did it Pretty much all that was going through my mind We get one more game We're guaranteed one more game We didn't know the chance to go out and win another game and Luke Wilson intercepted Ryan Tannehill with 20 seconds left to set up the game winning boot The Bengals in the AFC championship game for the first time in 33 years This afternoon it's the rams visiting the bucks game two features the chiefs hosting the bills Cam reddish telling reporters he's 100% healthy and ready to make his debut this afternoon with the next host the clippers at the garden dicks have lost three in a row and Taj Gibson says they just have to play better There's a part of the game that was a part of it comes hand to hand with the season You just gotta know how to juggle it You just gotta stay down stay solid Work it out with your teammates That extra two below the 500 mark the nets are in Minnesota tonight Seth hall beats St. John to the garden 66 60 Rutgers lost in Minnesota 68 65 Chris crater with a hat trick the rangers dump the coyotes at the garden 7 to three crowded out with 29 goals He also added assist two goals for Nathan bastion the Devils at The Rock down the hurricane 7 four A three one islander's home loss to Toronto Zach parisi with a late third period goal When the Bloomberg sports update I'm Frank Aaron This is Bloomberg opinion on Bloomberg radio bringing you news comments and insights from Bloomberg opinions worldwide team of editors in columnist I'm Joe Rosso Coming up on the show Walgreens looks to split and what's the best way to split the never ending work week But first Lithuania is the latest ball detonation to suffer economic punishment at the hands of China The Sid hugging of Bloomberg opinions editorial board points out that this has become a troubling trend from China expressing its unhappiness with European nations by inflicting economic pressures And the editorial board argues that allies should step in to help Tell us what happened after Taiwan opened an embassy in Lithuania Elsewhere in the world where Taiwan has these opposites They're not officially embassies because countries all recognize Mainland China as the official China So around the world they open offices that are called the Taipei representative office or some form of that The difference here is that Lithuania decided to call their office with Taiwan representative office which leaders in China decided was an escalation and called a question the one China policy So the officially the downgraded diplomatic relations between the two countries And then after that that was open but more quietly to have put up roadblocks to Lithuania exports to China Lithuania disappeared from the Chinese custom system So it was impossible to get licenses to ship goods to China And then there are reports that Chinese have quietly been pressuring other companies say German companies and so on that source components look India to start doing so Do you think that Lithuania was aware of what a difference using Taiwan versus Taipei would make It's unclear I mean in hindsight it makes sense This is the only office in the world and believe that uses the name Taiwan So they must have known to be an escalation They may not have calculated the degree of China's anger over this or the degree of retaliation they might face So this isn't the first time that a country has had to face China's displeasure over something that might seem minor Exactly I mean Lithuania is at least the 6th country just in Europe to face retaliatory action from China over a host of issues Sometimes it has to do with Taiwan Sweden has been punished for banning Chinese 5G technology And then countries in Asia faced even our share penalties for again a host of reasons including territorial disputes and so on But most of it has to do with China receiving unwelcome criticism And lashing out And as you write unlike U.S. sanctions China sanctions there's no transparency You know people might say well look the U.S. pressures Iran pressure's Venezuela precious North Korea But these sanctions are public They're embedded within a legal framework They're transparent They are follow a precedent and protocol When China exerts its own form of economic coercion.

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