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The binding soaker dot com. I'm website give me a winner. I have a long list of losers the Dow was easy. Give me someone on the steelers or even their coaching staff. You could say was a winner after week. Eleven loss to the browns almost say TJ. What why play pretty? Well I mean loss contain a couple times but they lost contain a bit and You know we were pretty. We work on our numbers And I think Tomlin was right when he said that the biggest issue and I I would have never guessed at the steelers. They came out with just one sec but them losing contained in terms of how they were rushing was was critical to the browns success. But I would say T. J. Watt. I think bud to pre didn't play badly as well I I thought the front played pretty well. Especially how they responded to Chubb in the run game they they did a pretty good job of stuff in that they didn't play terribly. They got hit with a couple of it plays but you know they were trying to hold water. I mean it was. The offense wasn't doing anything I mean. And we always you know go through the game booking looking. I'm trying to plant some of the numbers you know as I make my comments but when you're third down efficiency you're to eleven and on fourth down. You're only three now. They got wanted. Nay The quarterback sneak was that fourth third third okay so they were two of eleven on third down zero of uh-huh of three zero three zero percent obviously on fourth down. So I mean that's two of fourteen the star good enough so I don't know how good you could play light when your offense can't convert third or fourth downs. Are you a netflix person. Are You more into Hulu. You got that. Hbo Now now thinking about that whole apple TV plus Disney plus peacock showtime CBS. It never ends so today. Explained inboxes Daily News podcast. We're going to talk to vox critic at Large Emily Vander Wharf about the coming streaming wars and. Emily is going to talk about how it's an apocalypse how this might be the end of her favourite medium television and how the monocultures basically dead but also she will reveal uh-huh she thinks will win the stream wars and also she will talk about the great shows that might come out of the streaming wars and also. She'll criticize undersize. Some of the lesser shows that have come out of the streaming wars. You will know everything you need to know. You'll know which service you should be subscribing to and which ones you should skip and you'll know if you'll ever have time to do anything else in your life other than watch TV ever again..

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