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So you'll have to book now at Christiana cruise dot com. If you wanna come hang out in the ship with incredible line of talent. Remember everything is included. Once you book everything, once you book your cabinet, it's all -cluded all your food, all the activities on the ship or free all the why podcast concerts comedy shows meet-and-greet autograph signings wrestling matches. Everything in between elephant, you've got to pay for alcohol and gambling. Hope you do a lot of both, and it's a huge lineup with the main event, the alpha club versus a bullet club, it's the bucks of Jericho, or is it why to Jackson versus Canio? Mega Cody and mardi school the first in ring, meeting of Jericho and Kenya mega since the Tokyo dome. Besides when I surprise attacked him at all. And you're not gonna wanna miss this. It's only on the cruise also ring of honor. Verse impact, mardi girl, Sammy Callahan in a no rules deck, fight slaughter on the water baby. We also got LAX versus the young box. There's another dream match right there. Four corner survival match Kenny king versus Franken Zarian versus Dalton castle versus Jay lethal Cody, the champion versus delirious a match requested and demanded by Cody himself. John Morrison is going to be there key, Johnny Mundo. It will be on the ship. He wants to take on the whole bullet club. We know Brian cages you'll get involved with the LAX is involved with that who is also going to be, we'll Sammy Callahan throwing his hat in the ring. Could we have another huge match being announced? And just a few days we think I'm gonna tell you right now when when we're ready, we're going to let you know we also got a four corner tag team survival match the dogs versus young and severe city bruiser versus lethal, and she's burger versus the addiction. Everybody is on this truce, man, live talk. Is Jericho with Ricky the dragon. Steamboat live TI j. remembering Eddie Guerrero with Conan and rims. Do junior live talk, is Jericho with the entire bullet club. Live talk is Jericho with Jim Ross and Jerry king Lawler Mick Foley doing his twenty years of hell. Stand show live just for you. Keep it at one hundred kilometers on Don calcium police Amee versus Conan and disco, and the hurricane, Jerry the king Lawler and Jim also doing their own live with JR and the king on the ship. And of course, the first round of the ring of honesty of auto tournaments been announced lethal versus Whitmer Daniels versus delirious, squirrel versus Titus young versus Gordon. That's broccoli. Bracket b.'s Briscoe versus Ferrara pays versus kazarian. She's burger versus beer city bruiser and Jay Briscoe versus candy cane. So much more beyond the darkness. Tell some scary tales, coal, Cabana mortgage Rosa during their unprofessional wrestling show, busted, open radio, be there. David Greco live comedy from Brad Williams, Craig gas run, funches, Sal, and queue from impractical jokers. And of course the live music fuzzy playing three sets including one set. That's all covers. Songs with a couple of extra little rarities thrown in there. Corey Taylor of Slipknot, and stone sour. They're currently at with Ozzy. He's going to be there. Phil Campbell in the bastard signs, king, the stir, the Dave Spitak projects be. We've heard him and his music right here on talk. Is Jericho featuring rival on drums? Yeah, there you go. The cherry bombs, the darlings of rock and roll are going to be there shoot to thrill the world's best ACDC cover band females. They're great boosted Avaz. There was best Ozzy cover band guest Trues director. So Cal Val guest, those Noel Foley brandy roads is going to be there. Kelly Klein Sumi, Sakai Mandy, Leon everyone who's going on this damn thing. So booger cabin now at Chris Jericho, cruise dot com and come join the fun. All right. And speaking of bun coming up from Friday asking, Alexandria is going to be here alone rooms, tearing up the serious octane biggest chart. It's number one for four weeks. Just released a brand new video for the single and their tourist starts this Friday, September twenty first and South Carolina. So come. Hang with asking, Alexandria talks, Jerry Lewis body, Danny wars, not Ben, Bruce, their trip, a great guys. I was going to be a fun show until then in the meantime time stay hard, stay cool, stay hungry peace-loving hugs and a big pool. The Westwood One podcast network.

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