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So there's a foster flow of sweets to is dry for most low over the border in sweden where there's no sugar tax the revolved candy shops including one i visited that trying to entice norwegian shoppers with products which are half the price it's hard to imagine anything else quite like it the swedish owner says this is one of the biggest sweet shops in the world it has twenty of them all a short distance from the border ninety five percent of customers come over from norway some shoppers have made long journeys to stock up on chocolate sweets and sugary drinks stalls selling other goods nearby can also offer lower prices than back at home coming every once a month to buy food so it's it's what it it's not only because of the price but like to have a trip by when we come here matz it brought from the company got a bit in which owns the stores says he's noticed a sales boost since the norwegian tax went up we're getting more customers and we also see that the existing customers that we already had is buying more that we can also see the sugar tax in new way goes back to the nineteen twenties and was introduced as a revenue raising measure the government believes it has helped stabilize child abuse d levels for fifteen year olds over the lost decade sweden's a higher and have risen more rapidly the norwegian government has made efforts to get food companies to reduce sugar content ursa mickelson is the health minister now to step off that a visit tier of children and young people and i'm happy about that it means that what we had done unto now had been functioning on the right way.

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