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You weren't are you are you do you have any concern here it was like a good april bad may kind of babb driven on both sides four hundred and then to fifteen respectively where where are you with korea than if you weren't buying in super high to start the season are you now thinking well this is this is what i thought or are you assessing him as like i thought he was good and he's been good not great he is who i thought he was and yeah exactly any football season's almost here so you know not even close you know the average the average will come up i'm not concerned about that i i'm mostly concerned of what blad mentioned in terms of i'm afraid to this bleak injury and he sounded pretty downtrodden about it after the game and after injuring it so this you know scares me in the idea that he could be gone for the next you know three to four five weeks in that obviously yeah that would obviously hurt his you know his ability to produce on the field you know my biggest concern with him and it wasn't that necessarily was super overly concerned i thought he was going to high i i was worried he wasn't going to steal is much as i think people wanted in two or expected him to he's got two stolen bases on the year the only two stolen bases attempted that seems to be kind of playing out you know about what i thought and i just felt like lynn.

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