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The attorney representing the county board he says they're doing nothing illegal or out of the ordinary hot with server on five a huge back countered as part of the levy limit per county info using the failed fact proceeded to offset or otherwise eliminate money that would have been spent on debt service is a perfectly legitimate use of self xi and the county has yet to be served by philip says he was given a copy of the suit yesterday republican senate candidates lee of nuclear inteva nicholson our vowing to support whoever wins the gop primary nagas they have both signed a unity pledged today wisconsin senator iran johnson and the state gop put that pledge forward the races already divided many in the party on capitol hill vice president mike pence swearing into new democratic senators on the senate floor doug jones is alabama's first democratic senator in two decades tina smith selected by the minnesota governor to replace senator al franken who has officially resigned president trump's former chief strategist steve bannon is ripping the president's son and how he handled than offer of russian documents that would incriminate hillary clinton more from cbs news even portnoy in the upcoming book fire and fury by author michael wolff the president's former top strategist is quoted as saying donald trump jr should have called the fbi immediately when he was first approached with an offer of russian dirt on hillary clinton the guardian which obtained a copy of the book reports bannon called trump juniors willingness to hold the june 2016 meeting treasonous and unpatriotic bannon mockingly says the trump brain trust should should've called in lawyers and then leaked whatever information they gleaned to the media the packers searching for a new general manager this off season if the team selects in internal candidate how much of a change to the front office would that brain regions that no firm silverstone tells wisconsin's morning news it depends on higher nobody has personality liked her conqueror it would be if you're her leadership if it were at wall were be different leadership if it were brian gouda current move saying if it were russ fall the search is underway sports traffic and weather next wtmj news time 1204 view traffic and weather breaking news happens i know that i can go on their app or tune in to get the breaking news that i thought wtmj.

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