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A real phya just put on video on your tv and let it play four crew doc real fi is the moon okay fancy fuck boys the time of the week where i lose my voice every single week all right last up we have von miller he came into the office woo january february really fun interview with vaughn was drinking at like eleven am yeah i mean he he came in i was just i was watching something on tv probably will get up wasn't on at that point but i was watching something at the at the tv here in the office he sidled up next came in water somebody goes i want some hennessy as that sounds pretty good right so we had some of you so listen to von miller and then at the end we might have put a little treat for you at the end and the take our coming up so you probably don't wanna listen all the end you're probably gonna wanna unsubscribe resubscribe redound low do all that stuff to make sure that we stay up there this week just remember the takes coming up so listen all the way through von miller than we might have put in a little something with an old friend of ours that we haven't talked to he's dead he died died yeah go through the magic of radio voice lives through magic of hank's magical fingers being able to render chop and screw everything we've brought him back to life around back rush it's around yeah we'll see you guys monday love yes all right we now welcome on a recurring guest from the denver broncos von miller do you that's the first question do you remember being on the show before do you remember that you are recurring guest not just plenty i remember yeah sure skype it was okay yeah asked me about like my ex girlfriend like type of stuff on yeah okay we talk a little deep yeah we yeah we did we talked about the chickens we did we talked about if you laugh every time you see the word buck kiss on your buckets fluffy you just laugh yeah that's the answer hey why don't you go by vanni that's so cool i do i like girls call me vanni they like my name is bond so it's just like naturally for like yeah why need but that's really like my real name what about your middle name the be silent bush on the be silent i would go by that i like that shawn miller yeah but the be silent put the whole name on your back it just it really don't feel like it has like the ring like okay you know just think about it maybe so yeah maybe like if you know they do the dom grady like if you if maybe you start quarterback shawn miller starts quarterback for the broncos and von miller plays defense i would love that i i mean i've always been open to playing quarterback in the national football league or are you a little concerned about the fact that you know you're being so vocal about kirk cousins you worried how your boy swag kelly is going to feel about that pass paxton lynch those guys you don't have to say i was semi upset it is like a weird situation it's like you know it's like you know you got to you in a relationship now but you say like oh i will love to be yeah but you're married but you know miana if that's riano kirk cousins is riana saying kirk cousins if it's like if you in a relationship you know your your girlfriend would understand you gotta wondering list right understand did you sit down with trevor semi and he's okay von have three quarterbacks if you run into out in the wild you're allowed you're allowed to recruit yeah i mean he didn't say that but i hope he would like take it as you know it's it's nothing against those guys like i love those guys i love i love paxson although trevor i love i love chad i mean they know that but you know brock yeah mean brock everybody knows i love everyone is g rocks tall not i think that's the size that you won't if you if you totally that you have long arms in his delivery he could if he could mess it's like nobody have arm.

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