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877 asked l six or three on Tuesday, June 15th 2021. We're at 65 degrees right now, sunshine with temperatures headed up to near 80. Good morning. I'm John Doman and I'm Bruce Allen with the top local stories we're following this hour. The search continues this morning for Lord and woman who went missing earlier this month. She was last seen while grocery shopping back on June. 3rd and police are treating her disappearance as suspicious when Emily Lu didn't report to work on Friday, June 4th, her boss reached out to Fairfax County police later that day, when officers arrived at her Davis Lane home, they found groceries in center car and evidence The 72 year old may have been harmed inside her home. Police suspect foul play is totally out of the ordinary for hopeful and prayerful that they find her neighbor's voice. Their concerns. The W T o P news partner, NBC four newly released video of Emily Lu, checking out at a Woodbridge Aldy, plus a photo of her on w t o p dot com Matt Small w T o P news. If you have any information you're asked to call Fairfax County Police. My life has been a story of privilege. That's what Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is saying. Two years after a scandal over a racist yearbook photo, The governor admits to The New York Times that some of his policy accomplishments would have never happened. Had it not been for the 2019 scandal over racist photo on his medical school yearbook Page. It's a photo of a man in black face next to another in the Ku Klux Klan robe, and it led to widespread calls for his resignation as the governor claims he still can't remember which of the two figures as him. Instead of leaving office, the governor went on a listening tour, which he says made him a better person and helped him understand black oppression. North. Them also agreed that he is privileged, adding that it's the reason why he wants to level the playing field. A Catia James W. T o P. News, the first students to desegregate of Virginia public school back in the fifties are now being recognized for their courage. With the dedication of a new trail. Walking along the Stratford commemorative Trail at Dorothy Ham Middle School, four panels detail the historic moments that led to 4/7 graders. Being the first black students to attend the school. Gloria Thompson, Ronald Deschenes, Lance Newman and Michael Jones were honored for their courage. During a dedication ceremony. He Leslie Hem Jr. The son of the activists, who helped make it all possible, thank the students in the community for their commitment to change and for all of you who may have come behind us and continue to cherish decency. And importantly, democracy. You make us all very, very proud. Melissa Howell w. T. O P News, the Montgomery County Policing Advisory Commission, her testimony last night about whether police should back off making arrests for possession of marijuana. The commission heard from retired police captain Sonia Pruitt, who said arrests for marijuana are a direct pipeline into what she called the black and brown heavy prison industrial complex. Charges for simple possession of drugs has yielded unnecessary criminal Records on the other side of the coin, Police Sergeant Kate Brewer told the commission. Police get multiple complaints each day about people smoking pot, their community members as well. And I mean that's a daily call that we get. In Montgomery County. The commission plans to advise the county Council on Policing Matters, particularly on O w. T O P. News. A lightning strike may have started a fire that displaced a family five from their home in Damascus..

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