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We see a head out the door. And he's in the process saying sharp. Keep your head on your heads on and as you saying heads is women to do. Hey comes flying out the door. And then warriors is joining the snow and as he goes through all the people Got him stabbing. It's pretty body man. It's it's kind of awesome review. Stores are definitely aren't very rare. He finally tasted the last one down. Because i didn't have arms body. Torsos green there by himself covered in blood bullet holes everywhere standing pile of bodies in now. He's taking care of all the guys as well. This is going on. We start getting this air monologue from him about how when the race takes over all releases is is red and now that he's now he's associated his thirst for blood through ovaries rage calms and they actually show word bubbles go from bright red seem like stated sort of redheugh as the a thirst for blood goes away resercher age right in the oven. He's like oh you'll be okay kiddo. You're safe and goes outside and about that time. Net by another state trooper and hatred records has a gun drawn down will rain. Hey y'all m that That genie which hands up. And he's like. I got a baby here. Bob i am part of any of this. No need for the piece. The cops like kidney. Have you looked in. The mirror powell. And he says now put her down. Emily movies monologue tells us state trooper like the mother inside. He knows that those kids a girl. He knew the motor. He's like shooter. Don't by on the baby down the snow. Let's see your hands. Who else is doing is the only people who live is the bundle my arms right now and the cops like oh no. Oh god no a And he's like yup wolverines intermodal tells him yep he knows the family. All right and man smells gills. He says they mean says they were there. Bait here built for somebody else not me. So the guys were waiting there for this trooper. Also in wolverines like what happened. How and we get an overview like the area tells us what the story is as the officer confesses to live rain and turns out he ran the ochsner. The state trooper this guy on take for quite some years helping people smuggle guns in the country and essentially his partner caught him. She quit meet him. Break the deal and that did not make gunners happy so they decided naked example. This particular trooper. He had gotten word that the hit was out on her and her family is what you come there can trust. Warner of course was late and So there family got killed because she made him not be a terrible like ragging on the take. Trevor and wolverine looks. The baby's like career survivor. Now lisa giving the kid to the offering says sounds.

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