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One of them once it is a double turn it they are having a Tulsa with the dons a San Francisco the only needed sixty four to sixty three in which six forty three to play in the second half that Todd golden is the head coach of San Francisco your pick on his youth all night long by the way I'm I'm it's been driving me nuts but I know that guy that's a former Saint Mary's garden titled yes our golden yes liberals live like looks like his twelve that's when somebody in picking out his ears but man he ate his squad came in tonight for a fight all right mark mark towards was just talking about here you know you get battle tested and man the dons of come in and said look Hey zags we understand who you are and we don't care and gold got his voice going back to Saint Mary's days yeah if they hate the zags zagged hate them yeah this is one heck of a game in right now made the San Fran is hanging with one the best teams in college basketball about the already a number one seed has already lost tonight in the horizon league semi finals as you have rights they lose the university Illinois Chicago seventy three to fifty six will take on the winner a northern Kentucky or Wisconsin Green Bay right now Green Bay leading northern Kentucky forty thirty five in the city father horizon league with fifteen eighteen to play in the second I will keep an eye on both of those games into their conclusions right here in Freddie Fitzsimmons easy if it Simmons I'm Freddie Coleman the word polarizing boy oh boy outside of the that were gonna comes the National Football League Players Association that's next on ESPN radio the next two.

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