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Yeah and that's what it was immensely cross league so like i'd go in and i'd school like six goals competitive trying to win every game and they're like hey man just chilling like trying to get in fights you know like really trying to win every game and they're like they're all drinking beer just chilling having fine like like man you don't have to like dry so hard and i'm like man this is in the league for me like i i gotta find something competitive like i have a competitive edge you me and i need to i need to any to find something that can vent it out and use it so one another suggestion from a friend i ended up they said yesterday maybe i try like a boxing gym ankle tommy his name's tom bomber rosa he's a multiple time tough man competition winner you know before they had like the you have seen stuff like that that tough man boxing competition so i believe so competitions and he won he won like six or seven of them throughout the down so i always looked up to monaco tom rosa growing up as a kid so that was something i always had in the back of my head like try boxing but i never really had the opportunity to do it because i played so many sports so once i was in south florida and i was on that lacrosse team i wanted to find something competitive and i walked into what i thought was a boxing gym but it was a major it was an american top team in boca raton run by charles mccarthy cole miller is there todd duffey was one of the coaches and man first day i went into the gym actually was the first class advertising was called miller's kick boxing class and i didn't even think i didn't even have my own mouthguard a pair of gloves didn't even have them off guard had i borrowed a pair of gloves class and the last fifteen minutes cole was like i got time for sparring you know so i did the whole forty five minutes and i came there to be able to spar like i want to do i'm competitive i didn't come there just to throw a couple punches and kicks and at the end i didn't have.

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