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Taff there's so much I want to cover with you I'm trying to figure out what the heck we can get to it and that time we have left let's go back to the end of the case though that that's a pretty famous case you were there on the ground from the beginning it's real it's legit there was some really strange stuff going on right well more than that more than we could ever imagine I said we went to the house was really hot and humid and there was a horrible over president like sort of urine or decomposing organic matter we brought in a whole Hewlett Packard sniffer deceive we can track the Odom but we couldn't the order would come and go and you know where it was in the bedroom with them from it was localized for the most part was always cold to get the house was not air conditioned and all whenever you're Sherman why the bedroom felt cold to us so we we came back here for the for what ten days later after the first time we were there because we thought that she needed a psychiatrist not their psychologist and we're in the kitchen talking to or in a lower cover door flies open and iron skillet flies out and across the kitchen so we checked to see if there are kids under in the cabinet or their animals or wires or something they can make that happen and there wasn't now this worked out really stranger she finally told us that they would free entity that would attack her sexually assault her there were two small ones and one bigger one that she had four children one a little baby girl we never met but she had three male older children the oldest was a teenager the biggest guy and there were two small islands and is from the way she behaved and used to drink drink a lot of beer and she was drunk a lot we were there yes I think a lot kids understand that psychosexual libidinous fantasies were getting a little too much and it was like a Connecticut manifestations of for each real there's paranormal phenomena but the phenomenal attacking her was her own psyche but it took on a physical form which is glowing lights flying around and at one point were in the bedroom that ice cold bedroom it's late and lights are flying around always lime green color face coalesced in the corner where door doors was when she moved away you're getting too frightened and they coalesce into a very large man upwards of maybe about six and a half or more feet tall you keep the upper torso you'd see the head of the brow ridge the pectoral the arms down to the bottom of the thorax and whatever and then it broke off it was moving it was articulating it wasn't a rigid image it was that same line green in color we must have fired off hundreds of photos with several professional photographers present we did not get one example of what we saw not even one which of course we all saw the same thing after it was over everyone don't talk write down what you saw and they did and we all saw the same thing then why could we photographed okay makes Kessel we're how we get it we get gas these photos of these balls of light with its tail like a comet the problem was there was no reference well we feel the bedroom all from all external lighting we couldn't tell where the lights start from and where they moved to and the speed at which they moved so we put up these black poster boards on her walls and ceiling each had a number and he said a magnetic orientation so bye bye week after we put him out doors calls at one thirty in the morning the funding for all the things down these both divorced and go running back there yep the host of border down the plaster and paint is down with them she could have done it and it's all at she was very cheap woman thanks for her reaction either she was a really good actors or it if something happened so the case went on we put the we've both divorced background the best we could with great depth with a lot more duct tape and at one point we're asking whatever it is to do something they'll try to make something happen rather was sitting around and watching our our problems will be twirled and suddenly one of poster boards is ripped off the ceiling the productive this finally pulled it flies across the room and hit stores by through the head they were twenty five people in the room at that time the rest everyone except for we asked again the board was ripped off duct tape the fluid is dismissed or so what was this thank you Connecticut manifestation of dorsal delirium we I don't know if there's any link between alcohol consumption and you know older effectively they could be negative what I mean anything you ever it's hard to say I I don't think there's been any studies involved with this but I'll tell you that the majority of cultures cases I've worked on which is more of the majority of my files if you talk to the people you'll discover that they got some problems going on not only the cycle somatic but psychophysical tackle Jack and if people are troubled and what we're seeing is the externalization of their emotional problems it's real and if they are normal and again ripped an environment to pieces anyway thankfully Doris moved from Culver city to Carson lost track of her for a while but the man who wrote the energy novel using the original script Frank the Phillies after he'd been interviewed doors for a long time he founder again and we meant this year and she wisely she did not tell our neighbors anything about what was going on with her and her she had not been promoted or publicized we hadn't even rough waves up articles for publication so she moved in and both her neighbors right and left began experiencing poltergeist phenomena they come home they're close to be on the floor and garbage to be emptied the shares of furniture being moved around but no one got in the house okay so is there one night waiting for something to happen we're all sitting around like clowns holding hands try to make them you know the seance for lack of a better idea and suddenly a large vase full water flowers goes flying across the room it measures everyone could be a late slams into the floor your browsing it with flowers and water I had an old Sony recorder next to me it was a condenser Mike and just before this occurred the Mike picked up loud read the letter no as Matix in this room know respiratory problems were known of we heard the sound of that reading followed by a foot hit hitting the ground another foot and then another food being tracked like them on old mummy movie from universal and then it won't be recorded turn yourself off the first in a long time okay Doris finally moved again to where reciters family Dino Frank followed her and there she was much more open to him about them she was with us because she was a big about ten years older than me Frank was about twenty years older than me so yeah she felt more comfortable and he went out there the water was turning itself on and off banging noises disembodied voices that same older was present and from what we know Doris passed away and I think nineteen ninety nine at the age of forty eight and it was cardio pulmonary arrest and why her heart and lungs stop in I don't know so now we've also discovered her flock that one of door to door skilled rooms were interviewed by hobby error now on those very dot com and he probably was an anti he contradicts himself and be a thousand times so he's memory might not be that good after all this time but we do know that I'll ever three boys and one girl that only one of them is free of drugs and alcohol the rest of them have a lot of you know substance abuse problems let me ask you a side issue what were directly related but this idea this concept of being raped by ghosts or having sex relations with something invisible I've heard that from I'm not gonna say a dozen but close to a dozen women who some of them involuntarily have these relations and some voluntarily a few yeah other than the the end of the case I mean there's not a lot of literature about those kinds of cases what what do you make of them are they all sort of self generated then there's a part in history there is an incubus and succubus a succubus with a female demand that would tack man when they're sleeping sexually and the the interface was the male demon that would attack women right it is legend mess folklore for novels the whole point of it is again you know one good one need not be a psychotherapist or psychoanalyst having looked at the week Doris is being over sexual she every child with a different man she added him from a very dysfunctional family she was disowned that very young they refer out because they could take her shoes too volatile too intense and you know again she would even answer whatever questions it is it is it doesn't really surprise me this was going on however if we had known then what we know now you know hindsight's always twenty twenty I would ask the kids more questions that they didn't want us there the boy they wanted list of the rock music they did whatever they were six of us it's the it's a very interesting case in many way shape or form again I believe it was paranormal but I do not believe it would be discarded entities sexually attacking doors by now it was a dramatic poltergeist manifestation comes from Doris is mine and I discussed this chapter two of my book is called the real life in any case and it goes into great depth on this is the longest running another book I can't speak to the title would have to go into more depth on a lot of these cases and some of the personal matters to deal with this as well let's talk about the the Manson murder how Sharon Tate Roman Polanski this cielo drive you have one of the articles in your website goes into some updating details about things that are going on there I'm in I'd like to use the bowler rested this segment on it six minutes or so bring us up to date on that case said I I I found it interesting that you wrote about the geo magnetic anomalies that I'd never seen before and how maybe those were amplified because these giant metal girders that were used in the construction of the home well first of all the house I investigated was owned by David almond milk it should have been and me and that it was I may end and the house where the murders took place to place but a hundred feeder by Arden through and right away right the end of the drive so we we go do we call it a friend of his brought us there tell us about it in and he had made a movie about the case about his experiences which good or bad whatever I've not my Cup of tea so you know when the door it looks sort of like one of the beach boys you know affect the cost of hair and blue eyes and he was very evasive when I asked a lot of questions cryptic same store Spicer and what was interesting is that gay and I feel very sick nauseous dizzy my joints hurt my stomach was going crazy berry Conrad was with says Lisa his girlfriend it was with us and things are happening that very first night who we go up to the camera bag to get more equipment and the camera top of the camera bag is flopping itself back and forth the yet there's no air coming through.

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