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If there's a bunch of guys want wanna work as hard as me i love going with pay navy i really love the patriots way but just from my experience having coaches playing for two coaches aired gene romeo cornell that were in new england and try to bring them in tally here it's just the absence of the smile and the enjoyment of the hard work right that it may be bill bills a different animal than some of those guys and maybe he runs things differently but um just the non football related stuff in mind games is the stuff that i've always had a hard time with like you know when when aired me gene was the head coach we'd have to memorise these quotes that were like scavenger hunt left around the building genoa durability is more important than ability and uh every battle is won before it is ever fought and like you got drilling at auto oh yes you got girl on the stuff in the meetings like instead of looking at my playbook instead of learning my place i'm like being asked what were these quotes are on this core board in front of my teammates and humiliated the inmate made the feel like i'm a moron if i didn't know these quotes were but yet i'm just trying to get better football 'cause the meal was always about football great but the way i see a hallmark of the bella check par cells tree and all include nick save in 'cause he's worked with bill lot is that the only person in the building that's allowed to be selfish is bill bellichik bill parcells nick say than everyone else has to make every decision based on what's the best interests of the team but yet when it comes to be in the head coach he's allowed to make decisions that are in the best interests of himself now granted a lot of times those interest are aligned right when the team wins the head coach has personal success so clearly usually anytime the team is doing better the coach is going to be doing better now the only time that the team and the head coach don't have their interests aligned his contract negotiations and bill bella check and i dunno parcels but.

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