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Puts him respect on my name and call me the nickname that I want to know about this kick rocks. How about that? How about that? Right there? Dame Willard, How about you go kick rocks? How about it's nice that you dragged your team from 11th two. Ah, play play in game and they get run out in the first round Hoop de doo now to put respect on this guy's name and put respect on that guy's name, and that's it. I gotta hate That phrase is so stupid. You know when we put respect on people's names when they don't tell us to Because they've done something that makes us put respect on their name. But these MBA guys Oh, my God, You're shot. I scored, 30 points a game. You put respect on my name. I think it was like the mom of Bradley Beal or something like that. I could be wrong on that. But there were people out there like Bradley. Beal didn't make third team all N ba. Where did people go to put respect on his name? Paul When I remember the Bradley Beal actually scores points for a team that's actually semi competitive. Respect on my name, like Shut up with that. If you have to tell people to put respect on your name, then you're not doing enough to get respect for your name. It's great. The giant look Josh Allen's a hell of an athlete, and Josh Allen, I think is getting better playing the quarterback position. You beat the Jets and the Dolphins speck on my name. That's right. We'll beat the Jets and the Dolphins. You better put respect on my name back on my name. I'm Mike McCann. I've done 7000 sports flashes in my time. You better put respect on my name. I can hear it next Monday. That's right, Mike. We can't walking around the newsroom down there CBS sports radio telling people that he was doing radio back in the day when it was, you know, really, really things like that. That type of a clue in the people in this business, couldn't even if they were standing in front of it. They wouldn't know what to do. Gonna put respect on everybody's name now, and Mike McCann has even asked for it because earned unlike these MBA bombs who are out there beggin for respect on their name. Who? Josh Allen get two wins against bad teams gets for put respect on his name. Get out here with this. 855 to 12 for CBS. Let's get updated on everything that went down in a very busy world sports for his 7000 and first sports update. Here's Mike McCann..

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