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Good time enjoying yourself and insured and join the process enjoying a success that they're having right now and i think that's what makes college basketball so much fun when you could just stop for a minute and enjoy yourself it's hard to do when you're such a competitive what nope ice it will enter the ncaa tournament with ranged in age straight 18 of nineteen every body on the floor hopping up and down with raised index fingers but unanimous preseason favorite and the patriot league was but they'll stumbled at home wants to be you lost on the road wants as well was given to stern test by colgate on the regular season but when it came to final exam time and this championship game they pass with one big experience themes dude up throughout the course of the year you think that all they're just not where they need to be we could times do you trust your ability almost too much you trust that if you throw up some games it you're going to be able to pull out the window you learn in that process that you still need dabbagh sense of urgency you need to have and attention to detail there and they certainly had it brides it less 35 ititit is basketball game four thousand seat facility filled two graham the hardware hits the poor the table coated with a patriot league tablecloth walked out to the center of the floor along with the enormous championship trophy and the fans mostly students are ushered off the center of a floors they're ready to present the hardware and ready to get the latter's going and cut down some that spirit soy pavilion what are the best things about the courts storm was looking up and see in the students just rush onto the.

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