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I think it tells a bit of a story right that you kind of that. I think makes sense of washed on in three. Think the thing that. I have taken away from season to attend. Lasso is like for me. I think it is living up to what it says Because that is such a hard thing to do to live up to the success that you've given Because it has still all of these little elements that ever. I laugh out loud multiple times during every episode from me. And i always come away with a moment from the episode and this is a thing that was remained consistent for me is there is always something in it which makes me ask. The question makes me exclaim. I can't believe this show is made like there is a thing that hits me that way. You know And it can be a small thing or it can be a big thing if somebody says something the so truly meaningful real in a way that i just wouldn't expect them. I'm still very very much enjoying quick recommendation actual regardless jamaica dune. I wanted to give that a shot. Actually that's odd apple. Tv plus as well as young is really good it surprisingly good. It's weird and fun A narrow seen in this lost episode which is absolutely unbelievable. so it's a musical. And there's like a one shot they do wherein unexpected character does an unexpected style of music I don't wanna spoil it. Yes please don't and it is truly astounding especially so i've been doing. Some randomness is a musical with a bunch of people that you may or may not know from tv and communism pretty much all of the The songs are being recorded. Life in the reflexive. The singing them right. It's not that They sing them in a recording booth and then they do that too and if there's parts that they want to change they kind of like mix and match it but most of the musical performances in the show off being recorded live. Does that make sense in the same way that you were code. Dial gave a microphone. But this is typically not how. It's done in tv movies because you want to get the perfect music performance and then you might But that's not what they're doing that are actually performing songs that shot for sure. Moving along So football is life in actually podcast. Football's life is worth listening to. Because i've made it a couple of appearance on that. I believe you have made a couple of appearances already right. Oh you had okay. I did the Ted lasso season what i was thinking of. Yes okay. so football's life also podcast. Love is blind is a truly awful but delicious television show if you just watched him for the first time oh no no. no there's three the new episodes. We haven't seen these yet so no no no spoilers. This was one of the pandemic shows. It's true this the circle and of course this tiger is yes. King seems like seven thousand years ago right absolutely does love is blind to be completely clear it is straight garbage it is straight straight garbage but it is delicious carpets. Looking is so bad and so wonderful it says trashy is this kind of television can be in like the hook is just good enough. You know people are gonna get engaged having never seen each other like you know stupid. But it's so why bring it back up because as mentioned moments ago there are three new like What do they call it after the altar. Three nieces on. I'm i'm on it. I could not resist. We watched the soon as we possibly could. Three new episodes like they're fine. Obviously they're trying to like milk. This cow that's mostly run dry. But it's they're worth watching. It brought back a lot of fun memory. Like this was the kind of fun part of the of the pandemic and quarantine when we all thought it was only gonna last couple of weeks maybe a month or two and we were all just goofing off and watching san antonio crossing the not love violent. It's love is blindness. It yep so So you love is blind specifically after the altar. But the whole thing. It's on netflix again. To set your expectations as low as you possibly can and then perhaps bring them down some more but it is it is worth a watch and then finally a band that i thought disappeared actually spoke about this. Atp abandoned disappeared a days of the new. Which is like acoustic rock. Which is a very odd sound in a very weird band. But i really like them. I'm it's really basically. Just one guy travis. Meeks was had like really truly terrible drug problems on an office entire life will they they slash. He had recorded in years and all of a sudden out of nowhere. A new album dropped and I've listened to it through a couple of times and with the exception of one song. I think it's very very good. And the album is called. Illusion is now so days of the new illusion is now if you like Kind of acoustic angry but yet soft. Rock music It's it's very good while we're making recommendations casey. Yes can you tell us about another show here on real anthem like contract. Yes did you know. There's a show called make do Which is a very like neutral ish kind of like passive title but it is far passive. Make do if you if you like analog. Then there's a pretty good chance of like make do off to monetize your hobbies But if you want to do is there to be your cheerleaders. You can listen as you do. Your hobbies with two pharmacists and julius scotts. And you can do that at relay dot fm slash make do or you can search for make wherever you get your podcasts. Perhaps on overcast which is done by tips husband so check out make do it is worth your time you should you should have. I was gonna say take a look really should have a listen. Listen before we go today. it's august. Now next episode will be in september Yes we do something in september. Yes reasons like this is like you'll pre one inc right. Warm your wallets up. It's very time indeed rom in very soon and i just mentioned this because we're only going to have one mention of the fundraising campaign in september right And everything that goes along with it because we do show monthly now It's just so happened lined up that the campaign has not begun yet So i just wanted to mention it to everyone to have this in mind to get ready To give money to saint george which we're going to be doing again very very soon. Yeah i wanna actually build on that. I don't wanna make it a brief mention. I think we should expand just a little bit. A saint jude is is organization. That when it's not starting yet we do. I'm serious. i'm being serious. Don't thing yet it yet. it doesn't happen yet. i'm just merely mentioning thing that exists. We can't waste. Don't waste time talking all the whole thing. Watch whole thing one you know so i don't i don't wanna you don't blow it yet right away. Just i'm just letting people know that the only gonna hear about it from us probably once make him. You gotta make it count. Bear in mind is coming all right as tony says. Don't throw away your shot. Kc shot one opportunity. Mom spaghetti. can you believe he said that. I cannot..

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