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18 86. At first, the Southern League of Colored Base ball ist Became the first Negro League Wasn't until 1920 that an organized African American League. The Negro National League, survived the full season. Three years later, the Eastern colored League was formed. And the following year In 1924, the Kansas City Monarchs defeated the Philadelphia Hill Dales in the first colored world. Syriza's Students of baseball will tell you, James Cool. Papa Bell was the smoothest and fastest outfielder ever to play. Josh Gibson, who averaged Batting average of 3 62 over a 16 year career was the best offensive threat of the Times. And, of course, no list would be complete without the legendary pitcher Leroy Satchel Paige, the greatest pitcher of the national of the Negro Leagues, and the elevation of Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945. Not only opened the doors for other African American players, it also signaled the end of the Negro leagues. And the story goes. Very short story. Okay, that James Cool Papa Bell was so fast, he could turn the light switch off on the wall and be in bed under the covers before the room got dark. That's quick Spurs flashback..

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