President Trump, Asadullah Asadi, China China discussed on BBC World Service


Think that there will be a lot of things happening between now in the 20th of January. A lot of things. This is the closest Mr Trump has come to acknowledging defeat. But he continued to insist that the pole had bean a massive fraud without providing any evidence to support his claim. Mr Trump went on to say it was going to be a very hard thing to concede. On Iranian diplomat and three other Iranians go on trial in Belgium today accused of plotting to bomb a rally of exiled opposition activists outside Paris in 2018. French officials alleged. The Vienna based diplomat Asadullah Asadi, and his alleged accomplice is operated on the orders of Iranian intelligence something Tehran strenuously denies. Mr McManus. Sadullah Asadi was arrested while on holiday in Germany and extradited to Belgium, where he was charged with plotting to attack the rally stage by an Iranian opposition group. Belgian police had found half a kilo of explosives and a detonator and a car driven by two of the diplomats, fellow defendants Thousands of people attended the rally in Paris. President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, was amongst those who addressed the crowd. This is the first time listen. EU country has parts in Iranian official on trial for alleged terrorism Mr Asadi denies the charges. BBC news Being physical confrontations between members of Taiwan's parliament over an easing of US pork imports. Members of the main opposition crewman Tang Party, the KMT through pig guts and exchange punches with elements from the governing Democratic Progressive Party. The government announced in August. 30 weirded out with it would allow imports of U. S poke containing ractopamine on additive that makes the meat tender but his band in Europe and China China is to impose steep tariffs on Australian wine from Saturday after saying that dumping is harming its own winemakers. Trading in the shares of one of Australia's largest wine producers was suspended on the news. Member insisted the government research programs to improve the wine industry don't amount to unfair subsidies. China is Australia's biggest trade partner. But relations have soured over cameras call for an inquiry into the origins of covert 19 on the decision to drop highway technology from its five G network. The Australian state of Victoria has recorded no new coronavirus cases or death for 28 consecutive days, with officials saying it has had a benchmark for halting infections. Victoria has relax some of the world's most stringent lockdown restrictions. His film myself. The last coronavirus patient in Victoria was discharged from hospital on Monday. Infections, though, have been detected in other parts of the country. There are concerns the virus could escape into the community from quarantine hotels for travelers returning from overseas. But the federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, says Australia's success in containing Cove in 19 is the envy of the world..

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