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When you think about sharing your knowledge with the world you don't think podcasts right but why not millions of people. Listen to podcasts. Every day you can be one of the first to use podcasting to create how to lessons with speaker. Speaker is the easiest way to start a how to podcast today. Everything you need to record edit publish even monetize. Your podcast is right here. Start your how to podcasts. For free now at spreaker dot com slash share. That's s. p. r. e. aka our dot com slash share from the iheart. Podcast network. all right here. We are guys are last break of the day on this monday. Yeah see money when that bad. Yeah it was fun. It was fun. Barry monday sorry about your early monday. You gotta go monday. We i live theorist. And what is your favorite day. Come on it's gotta friday third. Hey i got. I got to tell you i saw him. I saw this weekend. And i don't know if y'all seen on. Espn saturday night. saturday night on. We know you ain't on sports channel saturday night. Meco lee walt. This is i leave grants. Yes had his first debut first debut knocked out knock somebody out in in the first round. This boy is on his way the legacy continues if feel like creed is what it feels like junior firstly on. Tko man. he excited to why. I'm excited to watch his. Especially i i mean. This is the first fight i think the profession my right doing. I'm not sure. Did he have your. He wore he. He wore his. He wore shorts. Battles definitely continues. Yeah whole ali family was in stance. It was big Trust me y'all gonna be hearing about this kid right here. Twenty one years old good all right. Keep it in a family. Let's do it man this. This has been coming up a lot in social media to. It was all over the graham and stuff you know last week and over the weekend and the latest one to be dragged terry crews terry crews has been dragged for saying if you aren't sweating. Don't shower a lot of people talking you know in the covert and stuff. They don't shower and stuff like that. Yeah so social media troll said. He really thinks he's white. This comes after be able to get through that terry. It said this comes after actors ashton kucher and his wife neela kunas and nj jilin hall. They don't consider showering a necessity. Al the time okay. They don't shower all the time. So this is what what you had all the time. So they nightline lease the what they said that about their kids to ashington me lubbe. You know unless they see big urges bath and all that so this has been going on for a while about these celebrities talking about showery. Yeah and the ryan. He takes three showers a day. I'm not going to be no fuck celebrity into monkey looked now. I'm sorry. I said okay came along the stinky i ended. That'd be a good job. No way suite with is suits on way loomed. Okay terry said during a podcast interview. If you aren't sweating don't shower. But then he says. But i sweat all the time because i'm running and working out and after all and mr old spice so i've got to be clean so terry's not saying he doesn't shower. He's not saying that he's saying he won't give you. Don't sweat don't shower but all bleed you'll suggest and then you ain't doing time is win. That might be one ahead is on the other end of the stage right. So so here's a we'll say sensual lowdown on some of our favorite celebrities. Okay riana hands down. Everyone says she smells so good. They smells like heaven's riyan. Yeah and she has a brand new sent out to matthew mcconaughey. Hey now actress yvette. Nicole brown said that matthew mcconaughey doesn't use deodorant. She said that but she also said he didn't stink now on the set of tropic thunder. She said he smells like he. Smells like granola and good living. He rubs granola under his own. I just going home has been going on. he doesn't use deodorant. Some people use the sliced lime. It's a whole bunch of stuff but anyway she's dead lying gingrich. Slow down over the still okay. Who's with atlan into lamb into kayla. Things go together right. I'm to say some lag poodle by the rhys did up again risk again on allowing to tell me to get this morning celebrity so you can hear what they say are a reggae john. Page the duke of pasting you of hastings. Yeah they said he smells really really nice. This is according to his co star. Said he never ever had bad breath and he doesn't smoke or anything like that. She said we both drink a lotta coffee. Sometimes we smell like that which is just fine. Okay okay michael b jordan. A fan said he smelled. Like mahogany teakwood from bath and body works. But her okay. These people are going to join a sniff check..

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