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And due to the snow and ice some streets of been barricaded by police because they are impassable Guess between wilder and state. Back south of Westwood to Quebec Grand between Glen Way and Westwood, Faraday between CASS and President Secret between Baltimore and Fairmont Albarran between Mount Hope in Warsaw Mount Hope from Elba onto the Incline District Ravine Street between Central Parkway, McMillan, Dorchester between Reading and Auburn, Second War between Liberty and Auburn. Louden and Para Drome and Martin Street on to Columbia Parkway right now, not seeing in the accidents reported. But if you have no reason to be out tonight, just stay home. Now, the latest forecast from the advanced industry Weather Center advanced industry would like to say thanks. It's an honor to serve our community during this time and always visit no fear, Dennis Don Kam Will continue to move through late tonight and ending around midnight. But we'll see those heavy snow bands where we could see 2 to 4 inches of accumulation before it's all said and done the low dropping to 15 for Tuesday. Claudia High of 21 for Tuesday night, the low dropping two minus one ever Wednesday, Mostly cloudy than that, then a chance of snow in the afternoon. Ah, hyah! 25! Then we'll see our next chance for winter weather. Wednesday night into Thursday. Looking at the current rate are a bit of a break for the Cincinnati area with those larger bands of snowfall, But we are seeing one just off to the West and this one around Campbell County, also extending up into areas Like Cleaves, so Cincinnati could see that fairly soon. Heavier bands working through Claremont and Warren County's right now, even into parts of Clinton Brown County. We are seeing a bit of a break for some areas of Highland County. When it comes to one trees, precipitation. We're seeing kind of a mix of that snow shower activity in those heavy bands, along with some freezing rain. In parts of Adams and Highland County. At this time, our current temperature is at 18 degrees in South East Indiana, the Dearborn County courthouse and government offices will be on a two hour delay tomorrow. Decision will be made tomorrow morning to keep the delay or closed for the entire day. The Ohio Department of Health today reporting just over 1900 new cover 19 cases, along with 48.

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